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Network tag/list broken in Win10 Anniversary Update?

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Both my Win10 machines updated themselves to the anniversary update over the weekend, and now both are exhibiting an annoying problem.
In Windows Explorer, the network entry in the left hand pane used to be able to display a list of machines on my home network if I clicked on the expand arrow beside it. Since the update however that seems to be broken, the list there doesn't show up any more if you click to expand.
Selecting the Network tag itself still brings up the summary screen in the main right hand pane showing the machines on the network, and all machines are accessible by directly typing their names in the bar at the top (\\devicenamehere for example).
Has anyone else experienced this, and does anyone know if there is a fix that can be done to re-enable the functionality (I presume as the expansion arrow is still there that the list should still be accessible and this isn't a removed feature)?
Asked: 17:33 29/09/2016
kepa 17:33 29/09/2016
what build are you on? check under settings>system>about , the current stable build is 14393.189 . if you dont have that , or have os build 14393.0 or 14393.10 you have a major system update pending. Download and install it under settings.
You can always restore your pc to the earlier version, using recovery under settings>update and security> recovery.
montrealboy 17:33 29/09/2016
Version 1607 (OS Build 14393.187). From my understanding that's the AU, which it did over last weekend.
Checking for updates tells me I'm currently up to date, although seemingly a couple of iterations behind you?
montrealboy 17:33 29/09/2016
And just to make it worse, I checked and I can't even revert back with recovery. The earliest available option I have is post AU update, so I'm stuck with the damn thing.
To make it even worse, I now find it's also broken Task Scheduler in that the ones I've added myself in there now don't run, and I get an error if I try to run them manually.
Becoming more and more disillusioned with the whole mess. Did MS actually test any of this before they forced it on us?

Network tag/list broken in Win10 Anniversary Update?

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