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No keybord tools (copy cut paste

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I'm using an iPad pro with cellular

TThe problem is that I don see the tools of the keyboard like paste cut copy (I can just use them by clicking on the textbost to be able to use them

It happend to me after I changed the arabic keyboard to arabic (PC)

please dont say:

delete the languages keyboards

change it from pc to the normal style

reboot ipad

I already have checked these solution.

Best wishes
Asked: 11:15 31/12/2015
deejay 11:15 31/12/2015
Do you see a grey line just over the Y key (center key top row)? If so, try flicking that upward.
seofriend 11:15 31/12/2015
Doesn't help

I Know you mean this " >

nothing new " >
seofriend 11:15 31/12/2015
I even can draw in note app

" >

SOme info : ipad pro gold, cellular 128gb , multiple keyboard languages 2 eng and arabic, iPad language english , 249 applications, available 14.4GB
janecompersnews 11:15 31/12/2015
Try settings> general> keyboard> shortcuts> on.

Also tap the globe icon and see if Shortcus is turned on.

" >
seofriend 11:15 31/12/2015
OOooooh man I don't believe I forgot this step. That was too much easy

thanx maan … u deserve 1 (this helped me) and (this solved my questio)

No keybord tools (copy cut paste

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