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Nokia Lumia Icon water damage indicator

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Can someone please tell me where the water damage indicator is on my Nokia Lumia Icon (929) is? I am 99% positive I did not get it wet but the battery port does not work and they want to send me to a Verizon store to have them verify it does not have water damage. How can I tell?

Thank you!
Asked: 09:36 11/08/2016
tduchch 09:36 11/08/2016
I've never heard of a water damage indicator

If the port is not working, then it could have failed by itself, not necessarily due to water only
ajeet 09:36 11/08/2016
Wow they are just being jerks.. Just take it in and watch the rep stare blankly at you while you tell them this..

Nokia Lumia Icon water damage indicator

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