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Nokia WS-2 Proximity Sensor, Treasure Tags, do they work with the Lumia 950XL?

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just wondering if anyone knows if the Nokia Treasure Tags work with the Lumia 950XL?

Best wishes,

Asked: 08:03 30/05/2016
lorien1973 08:03 30/05/2016
I have a WS-2 tag working with a 950XL. I can locate my keys with the Gadget-App and I can locate my phone with the button of the treasure tag. It runs without any problem - except my tag's battery level is low and needs replacement. Do not know whether it consumes too much battery with the 950XL or if this is because my tag was lying too long in the warehouse before I bought it.
jeff 08:03 30/05/2016

thank you. I appreciate it.

I shall purchase a couple.

Best wishes,

jeff 08:03 30/05/2016
One quick question, does it notify you if you leave your keys and go out of range?
lorien1973 08:03 30/05/2016
Yes and no. In general it does. But practically once I come home I drop my keys on a table next to the door. But my house has solid walls and it often happens that the BT connection gets lost while I move inside the house. It was too annoying, so I disabled this notification.
choster 08:03 30/05/2016
I use something similar called Beewi tracker. You can set your house or work places as "safe zone" , so it won't keep beeping when you are at home.

Nokia WS-2 Proximity Sensor, Treasure Tags, do they work with the Lumia 950XL?

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