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Not able to restore my iPhone due to not able to turn off "Find my iPhone"

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I am asked to turn off "Find my iPhone from settings on iPhone". However, I can not do it since I can not slide, what can i do?

Thank you for your helps
Asked: 09:36 02/10/2015

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huyhk 09:36 02/10/2015
Do it via iTunes in the Mac.
clubmedia 09:36 02/10/2015
basically you have approximately 10 seconds after rebooting and entering your code on the iphone (before the "located my device application" starts).
creativeamy 09:36 02/10/2015
Time is not enough. As soon as iphone appears in itunes I click "restore from backup" and after some seconds the warning with "find my phone" issue poups up ... I can't believe Apple is not providing a solution: we should initiate a class action for all time spent by everybody on this and for all missed calls, business time and personal stress suffered by clients ...
dmilford 09:36 02/10/2015
You have to turn off FindMyiPhone in the iPhone, before you can restore.

This app is running to protect you when somebody else wants to use it or restore it or whatever.

If you can not turn it off, you can not do what you want.

Sometime this works when you can not slide to unlock the iPhone:

first try this: have some one call your iphone and then it will respond to "Slide to Answer" and it will then respond to "Slide to unlock".

another try: forced restart: press and hold the power button and the Home button at the same time, keep holding, when you see the white apple logo appear, let go and let the iPhone start up completely.
webandrey 09:36 02/10/2015
Not able to complete Restore - as it is asking me to turn off "Find my iPhone from settings on iPhone" - since I cannot slide I can't get into my iPhone any suggestions. iPhone 4S, iOS 9, upgrade
m_jones 09:36 02/10/2015
You can turn off FMI from on a computer by doing the following:

1. power off the phone

2. Go to and log in with Apple ID and password. Click "find my iPhone"

3. Choose your device from "all devices"

4. since the phone cannot be located while powered off, after a time an option will pop up saying "remove from account". Click. This will turn off FMI.

5. Power phone back on
smellienellie 09:36 02/10/2015
Still not enough. When trying to restore backups in itunes we still receive the warning stating we have to turn off "FindMyPhone" in Iphone settings... :-(
jbgilbert 09:36 02/10/2015
having the same issues with not being able to restore, because of not being able turn off "find my phone", even through icloud. so what i did, was plug it into the computer, open up itunes, put the phone in recovery mode (turn the phone by holding the power button till it turns black, then hold the pwr button for 3 sec, then hold down both pwr and home button for 10 sec, the let go of pwr button and hold home button down for 10-15 sec) once in recovery mode, itunes will recognize a phone in recovery mode, then click restore, then click restore and update. after a long time of the restoring, you will then go through the set up of your phone, make sure you "set up as a new phone", do not click "restore from device or computer", you will only get the "slide to upgrade" again. after agree to terms and enter your icloud account info, you can use your phone again, only its like you never had it before, everything is lost... but i can at least use it, and get my phone calls... ive even gone into my icloud from my phone, and turned off the "find my phone", and the restored it from my last back up, but i still got the "slide to upgrade" problem. but at least i can use it like normal, untill apple figures out what happened... my fault for upgrading a ".0 update", should have waited for the ".1" knowing the first issues would have been take care of.
noel 09:36 02/10/2015
Peanur steel's way to restore seems to be working so far for me. I had the same problem, couldnt turn off the find my iphone even via Icloud, so have had to restore to factory settings (with data loss). I';m really disappointed it has come tho this but after 2 days wasted trying then theres no other solution for me

Not able to restore my iPhone due to not able to turn off "Find my iPhone"

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