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Old apple ID when trying to update Apps

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I am trying to update my apps, I have over 100 to update. When I try and do it, my old hotmail ID pops up. How can I fix it so my current apple id is in there? Everything else has my new one except the app store. PLease help
Asked: 13:33 09/06/2016
wizardofx 13:33 09/06/2016
Old Apps are tied to the ID that was used to download them. You either have to redownload the old apps under the new apple ID, or you can edit the password for the old Apple ID to match your current Apple ID. That way the same password is used for both accounts.

m_jones 13:33 09/06/2016
I cant download anything since I don't know the password and I no longer have the email.
foontoon 13:33 09/06/2016
Obviously that ID is useless to you. Repurchase the apps with your current Apple ID and don't forget the password.

Old apple ID when trying to update Apps

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