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old iPad to iMac

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I have an IPad 1 with ios 5.1.1. which is telling me there are no updates available. Thats ok because i only use it for Ibooks.

Now i have an iMac with El Capitain and i would like to have al the pdf files or books from the iPad to the iMac, but i have no clue how to do that without erasing all..

Can someone please help me?

Gr Madi
Asked: 16:30 26/04/2016
nicer9 16:30 26/04/2016
Hello aspen,

Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.

If I understand your post correctly you are trying to send PDF files from your iPad to your iMac. There should be multiple options for you to share, including emailing the files from iBooks. The following information is an excerpt from the iPad user guide, page 103:

" > f

As far as getting your purchased iBooks on to your iMac, follow these directions:

Download your past purchases

Take care.
aspen 16:30 26/04/2016
Thanks for the reply!

I tried your strategy, but the problem is, this arent books I bought.

These are PDF files i downloaded from the site from my study. I can download them or email them one by one, but its 200 pieces. I figured that there must be a more easy way to let my Mac show them all...

If I connect my iPad to my iMac he can see a list of the books. But I can not open or replace them.. Do you maybe have a solution for that?


old iPad to iMac

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