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How to interface with the Apple Watch for the purpose of accessing its internal memory?

Unlike other apple products which can be directly connected to a PC via USB the Apple Watch is completely wireless from the...

by Kendall Last post 07:18 21/04/2017 2649 0

Proper Capacitor for 555 Circuit with Simple NPN Amplifier

As I understand it in the classic 555 with a speaker circuit the capacitor that is in series with the speaker is there to...

by Kendall Last post 03:41 01/03/2017 2189 0

Wired sensor network

We are trying to develop a wired sensing network that will have up to 200 sensors attached to it spread over what could be 100...

by Kendall Last post 07:40 19/12/2016 2238 0

Apple Watch battery question

I need some tips on how to maximize battery usage Thanks in advance!

by shannon Last post 09:12 13/12/2016 779 4

Amplifier capacitors question

Why is that when I use electrolytic capacitors (the cylindrical ones) and measure the end with respect to ground there is some...

by ClareHope Last post 09:01 13/12/2016 2429 0

need IE for windows 10

by yamuna Last post 18:42 27/11/2016 1048 0

air plane mode

Air plane mode stuck on and I get no network

by milliekerley Last post 09:08 09/10/2016 1080 0

Apple server fault ?

Is there a problem at Apple's end at present every attempt to unpair an Apple Watch Steel gets me the same message "Cannot...

by damn Last post 03:57 09/06/2016 1088 2

Apple watch sport dropped from 80% to 3% over night even though i put it on charge

Apple watch sport dropped from 80% to 3% over night even though i put it on charge charger is working as its charging now but...

by wgadmin Last post 02:33 09/06/2016 934 6

How can I Delete all text messages from my watch at once

HHow can I delete all text messages at once on my Apple Watch?

by axxom Last post 17:15 08/06/2016 941 6

Missing Health App at watch!

Hello I have updated and restored my new Watch Now I'm missing the Health App at my Watch How can I activate or install the...

by percept Last post 15:33 08/06/2016 1186 9

How do I clean my bands to make them look new and white?

I've been having the apple watch since last September and I think a month after I bought it I've been seeing stains on the...

by webwhiz Last post 14:09 08/06/2016 1090 4

Watch will not connect to camera

My watch opens the camera on my iPhone but displays "Connecting Camera" only i e no connection is established If I turn off the...

by pennymaker Last post 14:06 08/06/2016 1091 4

Apple Watch

MY watch started talking to me How do I make it stop?

by laney2479 Last post 05:06 08/06/2016 1278 1

How to start/stop video recording on iPhone using Apple Watch Camera app

How do you start and stop a video recording on your iPhone remotely using the Apple Watch's camera app? I have no problem...

by iain_robertson Last post 02:00 08/06/2016 956 4

delete apps on watch

hello!from the beging i could delete apps directly on the watch by pressing and holding like you delete apps on the phonebut...

by lucidnet Last post 01:57 08/06/2016 1516 13

Deleting emails from watch and phone

is it possible that when emails are deleted from the Apple Watch they delete from the phone it's linked to aswell??

by tommyg Last post 22:27 07/06/2016 1277 3

How do I personalize the Apple Watch display?

I would prefer to have the Apple Watch display something fun while I am wearing it instead of being off all the time What is...

by crookedplatipus Last post 22:24 07/06/2016 983 2

No Third Party Notifications

So the other day I had to restore my iPhone and as a result then had to re pair my Apple Watch (and then restore it from a...

by kavakava Last post 20:54 07/06/2016 864 3

How to Backup Health and Activity Data?

Hello I would like to do a fresh installation on my iPhone 6s from release 9 3 to 9 3 2 My question is how can I backup Health...

by jcwacky Last post 15:57 07/06/2016 1180 2