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Best way to add swimming to the workout app?

Apple watch What is the best way to add a swimming session to the Workout app?

by macdesign Last post 15:54 07/06/2016 804 14

Problem with pair my watch

my apple watch is in my wrist and the watch is on dhe lock mode I unlock dhe watch with the passcode and after dhe screen is...

by techevangelist Last post 12:51 07/06/2016 526 2

Copy photos from apple watch unpaired with phone

Hi someone stole my iphone but not my apple watch but I lost all of my photos (bcoz i frgot to put them online ) so some of...

by webstudio Last post 12:48 07/06/2016 569 5

Disconnect between iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch

After the most recent update for iOS (9 3 2) and the Apple Watch (2 2 1) my watch no longer received text messages nor unlocks...

by jota Last post 12:45 07/06/2016 516 5

Wi-Fi assistence data with iphone 6 with watch

Since i started to use iphone 6 (IOS 9 3) with the apple watch (2 2) Wi Fi assistant started to consume data cellular also if...

by metrics Last post 10:42 07/06/2016 482 3

how do I know how much power my watch has

What does the red battery mean on my watch? How do I know how much power I have?

by nmalhot Last post 03:09 07/06/2016 522 5

Deleted messages from my iPhone still appear on my Apple Watch

If I delete messages from my iPhone why do they still appear on my Apple Watch?

by dagrey Last post 22:39 06/06/2016 735 4

apple watch notifications

All of my notifications were working fine on my apple watch until yesterday Now I am only getting activity and calendar...

by weirfire Last post 19:27 06/06/2016 726 4

Want to use watch as remote on Apple TV and iTunes.

Want to use my watch with Apple TV and iTunes on my lap top

by grin Last post 19:24 06/06/2016 445 2

Does bluetooth need to be on for my apple watch to work?

Hi! I received my apple watch sport yesterday and i know i needed bluetooth on to pair it do i need to keep it on even after...

by davidwalton Last post 19:21 06/06/2016 397 4

Can you use the activity tracker and a running app at same time?

I have been running just with my watch and the Apple activity tracker But I wanted to calibrate it so tonight I ran with my...

by todo Last post 19:18 06/06/2016 345 4

Is the Activity tracker exercise ring (the green one) broken?

Hi Just after updating my AppleWatch to 2 2 1 version early this week the Activity App has a weird behavior: the Exercise ring...

by leif Last post 19:15 06/06/2016 649 4

If you accidently delete a message on apple watch, can you get it back?

I accidently deleted a long time saved message off of my apple watch Can I retrieve this or is it lost for good?Thanks

by duvetdave Last post 19:12 06/06/2016 486 1

Retweet on a Twitter notification not working

Hello Have had my Apple Watch for almost a year and it's worked perfectly the entire time until earlier this week Now when I...

by laszlo_tg Last post 19:09 06/06/2016 814 14

Found iWatch Resetting

I have found an iWatch and wanted to pair it with my iphone I have reset it to factory but couldn't pair it with my account due...

by thewormman Last post 19:06 06/06/2016 544 2

How do I list the Apple Watch is a source in the Health app?

I've tried to select a sourced now that I no longer use my Nike fuel band and the health app doesn't list the Apple Watch it...

by donet Last post 19:03 06/06/2016 489 6

Multiple Watches

I have the Apple watch stainless and the space gray sport both 42mm It's a HUGE hassle to unpair one watch then pair the other...

by jenny Last post 05:33 06/06/2016 495 7

WatchOS 2.2.1 Workouts App Display Zoomed

I'm guessing this is just a bug that will have to wait for an update from Apple (WatchOS 2 2 2) but anyone else having display...

by jfetting Last post 03:39 06/06/2016 434 3

Does sleep auto track?

Do you just have to go to sleep with your watch on? Then it detremins how long you sleep Because last night i did that and I...

by mandrake Last post 03:36 06/06/2016 457 6

Digital Time with Seconds!?

Does anyone know if I can get a face somewhere for my apple watch that has Digial time with seconds?! I work in healthcare and...

by glengara Last post 02:30 06/06/2016 404 3