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by pageone Last post 00:39 06/06/2016 567 2

Is it possible that on apple watch are unknown sms?

On an apple watch are sms that my friend doesn't know You are under one amateur entered They are reportedly not on the iphone...

by saz Last post 23:48 05/06/2016 367 5

What means "cal" in the fitness app? Realy cal or kcal?

What means "cal" in the fitness app? Realy cal or kcal?

by devnull4u Last post 20:24 05/06/2016 513 7

How do you delete photos from your watch?

I've deleted the album from my iPhone but the photos are still on my watch how do I delete them?I can't see anything about...

by ping Last post 16:48 05/06/2016 355 3

iPhone Slowness; Apple Watch Software Update

Hello everyone I just had a question regarding my Apple Watch and a question regarding my iPhone 6S In regards to the watch...

by adz Last post 16:45 05/06/2016 445 4

Upgrading to 2.2.1 Taking A Very Long Time

I'm upgrading my Watches to 2 2 1 The upgrade is taking a very VERY long time In fact the watch appears to be frozen on the...

by tenerifejim Last post 16:42 05/06/2016 373 4

Iphone and Apple Watch, Issue with receiving texts to my Iphone

Any one having an issue with their Iphone and Apple watch where you only get certain texts only to your Apple watch and not...

by sigonasr Last post 16:39 05/06/2016 771 14

activation lock

I need to deactivation my activation lock on apple watch but don't have it on me I logged on into icloud but it is not showing...

by maha Last post 15:06 05/06/2016 355 3

Are there any plans to enable the Workout App to be added to glances?

I use the workout app regularly I would like to add it to glances so that I do not have to find it in the list of apps This...

by nicky21 Last post 10:06 05/06/2016 391 5

Green light on after saving workout

I've noticed that after I save a workout using Apple's workout app the green light stays on However using a third party weight...

by jbkline Last post 10:03 05/06/2016 433 7

Is there a case on the market for the Apple Watch bands?

I am looking for a case that I can keep my watch bands in rather than in their individuals cases they come in Wondering if...

by ginostylz Last post 08:00 05/06/2016 448 3

Apple watch sending messages from wrong phone number

I have an Apple Watch and two iPhones one that is personal and one that is for work The Apple Watch is "paired" with the...

by ilovemydoggy Last post 07:57 05/06/2016 667 12

How do I change from meters to miles on the apply watch

How do I change fitness tracking on my apple watch from meters to miles?

by alhazred Last post 06:15 05/06/2016 345 1

When is Apple going to have the Black Leather (magnetic) Band available? On the website it says it is not available.

When is Apple going to have the Black Leather (magnetic) Band available? On the website it says it is not available

by mdkock Last post 05:12 05/06/2016 364 1

Storing Apple Watch

I will be going on a trip and will not be wearing my Apple Watch for a few months What is the best method for storing?

by ninewire Last post 05:09 05/06/2016 373 1

When will Apple allow third party fitness apps, like MapMyRun, to access the heart rate monitor?

I bought the Apple watch to track my heart rate during runs only to discover that all third party apps like MapMyRun and Nike+...

by egol Last post 03:30 05/06/2016 843 11

How do I delete an email instead of archive it when I get an email notification

until recently I was able to delete an email from my Apple Watch when I received the notification Now the only option I have is...

by techevangelist Last post 20:36 04/06/2016 374 3

Software issue?

I have a brand new Apple watch got it just last week and have updated to the latest software The day I received the watch (as a...

by paulcal Last post 15:57 04/06/2016 384 5

Apple Store Watch App

Hi I recently restored my watch from a backup When I went to the Apple Store the other day to pick up an order I opened the...

by chrisr Last post 14:12 04/06/2016 384 3

Seeing more than 1 year of health data in health app

I would like to find a way to see 2 (or more) years of health data in the health app I understand that I could export to an cml...

by jdhodges Last post 03:48 04/06/2016 341 1