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Can you disable Taptic feedback at night?

i wear the watch to sleep and it notifies me that I should standup and be more active while trying to get to sleep Is there a...

by juno106 Last post 02:03 04/06/2016 415 2

the activity tracker .

the activity app was working great until today when it reported my 11 mile run burned over 9 million calories Oddly the red...

by seogulper Last post 01:03 04/06/2016 377 1

Anyone's 'home' button on maps not working?

Every time I hit 'home' on apple maps it asks me to update my info on my contacts card But I've done this over and over again...

by serep Last post 22:51 03/06/2016 559 3

Apple Watch HELP!

What if when I pair my apple Watch manually the 6 digit number code won't appear? What can I do about it?

by nemesis Last post 21:24 03/06/2016 406 3

How do you delete cupertino from world clock?

Just purchased a apple watch and dont know how to delete Cupertino from world clock

by zootreeves Last post 21:21 03/06/2016 378 3

Problems with text messaging...

Hi this may be a feature or a bug Maybe someone will know the answer I have a new Apple Watch Everything is up to date and is...

by talon39 Last post 20:27 03/06/2016 382 7

Iphone - watch

Should there be an icon on my phone of my watch? I only seethe activity icon I'm trying to learn how to use my new watch

by jermaine Last post 16:15 03/06/2016 390 3

Rating songs with watch no longer working

I like loading new music onto my iPhone and using siri voice control (via my Apple Watch) to rate the songs Then I sync the...

by kereta7 Last post 16:12 03/06/2016 349 4

Physical Activity Not Logging

I understand that my question is a user's preference but I want the best results I've had my watch for a few months but it...

by tenergy Last post 16:09 03/06/2016 420 5

Activity app saves alle activities

Can I delete older ones and how?? Where they are saved in the Cloud? I look out for a delete button in the app can't find it...

by wstruecolor Last post 14:09 03/06/2016 452 2

Siri ussue on Apple watch

I use Apple Watch with my iPhone 6 Plus phone Both of them is up to date (Watch OS 2 2/iOS 9 3 1)I have some problem with Siri...

by saz Last post 14:06 03/06/2016 325 6

My Apple Watch no longer shows the photo album complication. How do I get it back?

My Apple Watch complication that shows "favorite" photos in the watch just disappeared How do I get it back?

by diggity Last post 11:33 03/06/2016 450 4

watch screen copies appear on my iPhone and other devices

My watch produces screen copies that are transmitted to my other devices Often several per day I have no idea why it does so...

by metadragon Last post 09:18 03/06/2016 382 1

Low calorie count?

My calorie count for my workouts is non existent! I can walk a two miles and it tells me I have burned 110 calories Is anyone...

by mrrush Last post 09:15 03/06/2016 427 8

Apple Watch Activity App - view fastest pace

Within the activity app on the Apple Watch I know that you can see avg pace and splits per mile but can you find the fastest...

by carpediem Last post 01:36 03/06/2016 380 1

voice over

How do i get out of the voice over

by steve35 Last post 23:33 02/06/2016 338 1

cannot verify update

After updating the new iWatch OS for 4 hours it says cannot verify update despite being connected to WiFi and Safari What now?

by ironman Last post 23:30 02/06/2016 373 1

Watch Applications

most of my applications on my Watch do not open Only the ones like the calculator and stopwatch are working any other...

by vintageagain Last post 22:03 02/06/2016 672 14

iCloud says I am logged into Watch OS but I do not have a Watch.

While reviewing my account on iCloud it says I am using Watch OS but I do not have an Apple watch Has someone used my...

by ecommando Last post 20:30 02/06/2016 363 3

no content provider for dish network nickelodeon???

I have apple TV and dish network as my provider I tried to activate NICKELODEON so kids can watch NICK shows but doesn't have...

by hanpep Last post 18:36 02/06/2016 671 2