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Watch icon for iphone6

hhow do I reinstall the apple watch app on my phone I can't find it and my have removed it

by deano6410 Last post 18:33 02/06/2016 370 4

not seeing texts in car despite bluetooth connection

My husband recently got an iPhone 6 Plus The bluetooth connection to his Mercedes Benz works and he can make and receive phone...

by goodfastners Last post 18:30 02/06/2016 340 2

Does the apple watch work with Whatsapp?

Does the apple watch work with Whatsapp?

by geir Last post 15:45 02/06/2016 524 2

Why do i not always get my messages on my iwatch

Why do i not always get my text messages on my I watch?

by charlton2 Last post 09:27 02/06/2016 416 1

using my Apple Watch when horse riding counts horses steps as my own in Activity app

I have an Apple Watch which I love and wear all the time however I ride several horses a day totaling to over 2 hours on...

by kokopelli Last post 22:39 01/06/2016 441 2

Can the watch withstand boxing training?

I am a keen boxer & most of my training is done in the boxing gym A normal session would consist of: running squats / push ups...

by axxom Last post 22:36 01/06/2016 450 1

Can not hear sound

Recently I bought apple sport watch I synced it with my iphone 6splus But i can not hear sound when i get text message or call...

by zentropy Last post 22:33 01/06/2016 733 14

My apple watch doesn't vibrate when I receive a message please help

HI my Apple watch doesn't vibrate to notify me of a message Please help thankssimon

by jennyfine Last post 14:45 01/06/2016 711 9

can i bring my power book G 4 for recycling ?

i have a power book G4 home and i wanna bring it to a apple store for recycling can i ?

by serep Last post 13:57 01/06/2016 333 3

notifications not appearing on watch

My phone notifications are not appearing on my watch? Any ideas how to fix this?

by mzebs Last post 11:36 01/06/2016 434 3

Sms in the apple watch

I can't see all my sms that I have in the iphone 5s with IOS 8 4 in the apple watch and the sms that i send from the AW I can't...

by stupidpoeticjustice Last post 09:09 01/06/2016 400 2

Updating watch on phone data

I Have just bought an Apple Watch but I can't update it as I have no wifi in my house And I would like to use my data from my...

by gieckboy Last post 07:45 01/06/2016 603 12

"Your favorite teams aren't playing right now"

The Apple Watch ESPN glance application fails to register "my favorite teams " For example both on my MacBook Pro and my iPhone...

by ent100 Last post 06:00 01/06/2016 499 3

How to turn on WiFi on Apple Watch

How do you turn on WiFi on the AppleWatch

by johnv Last post 02:51 01/06/2016 538 3

Apple watch keeps locking on wrist

I've spent the better half of the day trying to figure out why my apple watch keeps locking Here are some details to know...

by atmannirvana Last post 02:48 01/06/2016 468 3

USA/UK watch compatibility

Hi a friend has offered to get me an apple watch when she goes to the USA soon as she thinks that they may be cheaper than...

by webinv Last post 00:57 01/06/2016 437 9

Is there a way to check if my Apple Watch has completed the activity calibration?

I'm just not sure if I've done enough walking with the phone in my hand and if the watch is properly calibrated yet?

by ned Last post 00:54 01/06/2016 352 3

getting world time off of watch face

I'm using the standard watch face but a time for Las Vegas keeps appearing at the top of the watch in small print I can't...

by lin Last post 23:06 31/05/2016 463 5

Where is the watch app on my iPhone?

Is there already an Apple Watch app on my iPhone? If so where?

by seabass Last post 23:03 31/05/2016 386 6

Can this watch even work like a fitness watch? i.e. Polar A300

I tried using my apple watch for the first time today during my weight training session However I couldn't figure out if the...

by ecardica Last post 21:33 31/05/2016 340 4