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step count accuracy

How accurate is the step count? Does it count moving your arm as a step count?

by ssl Last post 06:12 29/05/2016 455 2

Real Time Step Counter?

My wife recently bought an Apple Watch but she's becoming extremely discouraged with it because the watch won't track steps in...

by sanatatenaturala Last post 06:09 29/05/2016 443 5

Watch Recommended Smart Move Goal No Longer Changing

I've had my Apple Watch since April last year and I've loved how the smart move goal changes every week based on my performance...

by isaiah611 Last post 06:06 29/05/2016 410 7

app for real time heart rate on iPhone?

Is there a way to use the Apple Watch while in Workout mode to see my heart rate on the iPhone at the same time? I would like...

by executiverank Last post 04:33 29/05/2016 447 1

How can I buy an AppleCare registration for apple watch?

I'm not sure how to buy an AppleCare registration for my apple watch

by wmglazer Last post 02:00 29/05/2016 375 9

When will I need the charging cable?

By far I know the charging cable is needed for Charging Syncing Music from iPhone Upgrade Nightstand Mode Anymore?

by greenmft06 Last post 20:24 28/05/2016 382 5

Photo size for Watch Face

I have been experimenting with using a photo for a watch face While I'm not thrilled there is no way to do any complication...

by alice Last post 16:51 28/05/2016 395 2

No haptics when doing things like force press to change watch face

I need some help I'm experiencing a possible bug with haptics My Apple Watch is not vibrating every time when I force press the...

by jocs Last post 16:48 28/05/2016 350 3

Why is there a Red dot at the top of the face on my Apple Watch?

I have a Sport Apple Watch Version 2 2 (I think) My question is why is there a Red Dot that has just appeared on the top of the...

by Last post 10:33 28/05/2016 691 3

Apple Watch won't reset

I bought an apple watch (open) and we paired it to my I phone 6 in the store to make sure it worked It is a gift for my wife...

by bsharke Last post 08:51 28/05/2016 627 1

Anyone get burning feeling or dull ach after wearing there I watch

a dull ach or burning feeling after wearing I watch?

by kirkvan Last post 08:48 28/05/2016 375 10

watch temp

on the apple watch how do i change from Celsius Fahrenheit?

by anjanesh Last post 08:45 28/05/2016 365 1

Exercise setting

HI I walk daily and use the exercise mode for walking When I turn this on the face defaults to the step count screen I Then...

by swordman56 Last post 04:18 28/05/2016 374 5

Calorie difference between workout app and move ring.

Occasionally when I use the workout app on my watch the calorie count is not shown correctly in the move ring I either get no...

by dvdwood Last post 00:36 28/05/2016 370 1

Starbucks app on watch

I have been using the Starbucks app on my iPhone for several months When I downloaded it the app also installed automatically...

by dr.sam Last post 23:33 27/05/2016 373 2

Should I wear my watch to bed?

So I brought my watch yesterday and update to the latest software now I'm just wondering if I should sleep with my watch on and...

by ifr Last post 21:48 27/05/2016 464 3

Woven Nylon bands do not fit 42mm watch

Hello Guys I need to report an issue I´m experiencing with New Apple Woven Nylon Bands I have tried many of them an the...

by directusnet Last post 18:36 27/05/2016 383 3

My new I watch will not turn on any more

I Just got an iwatch and it worked for a bit I put it on the charger and now I can't get it to come back on

by dpmusic Last post 17:36 27/05/2016 402 3

Eight Days In A Week?

So I wrapped up my cardio yesterday late enough that I could check out a problem I've been having with daily average values...

by sabatogz Last post 08:33 27/05/2016 442 5


HI I just got my Apple Watch and it's updated I am not getting Mail notifications I can read them but there is no Alert The...

by midlandliam Last post 08:30 27/05/2016 446 8