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Iwatch says ready for new user but still binded to email

Hi I bought a used iwatch and this seemed as good as honest as can be and still do believe it's legit Does it take awhile to...

by infiniterb Last post 03:33 27/05/2016 301 2

Can you turn "off" wifi on the iwatch?

I need the ability to disable or turn off the wifi on the iwatch Is this possible or does it always stay on?

by pyc Last post 01:27 27/05/2016 671 1

watch is icloud locked

watch is icloud locked but is not listed in the icloud account it was removed but still shows icloud locked when trying to pair...

by ryan Last post 01:24 27/05/2016 403 1

my watch Activity app seems to think I'm my spouse

My watch has started calling me "Katherine" when it congratulates me for achieving some fitness goal for the day Katherine is...

by cyanide Last post 00:03 27/05/2016 470 2

Does Apple have a step app

Is there an app for counting steps where you can challenge friends? Similar to FitBits app?

by auberouge Last post 22:57 26/05/2016 295 1

Indoor walk/run - HR monitor not working?

So not sure if this is a bug or if the program was designed like this but when I select either the indoor walk or run exercise...

by parity Last post 18:57 26/05/2016 335 8

When you select outdoor run is there a way to see your map after you complete your run? Similar to map my run or the nike app?

When you select outdoor run is there a way to see your map after you complete your run? Similar to map my run or the nike app?

by luchino Last post 18:54 26/05/2016 351 6

Fitness Workout app time does not match Activity app time.

I'm having problems with matching my workout time to the total time that is calculated in the Activity app For example I'll do...

by akalex Last post 13:57 26/05/2016 343 9

My screen is magnified so I cannot use

The screen on the watch is suddenly zooming in (300x) That means I am not able to do anything Even not turn off Help !!

by brainpulse Last post 13:54 26/05/2016 354 3

Does Bluetooth have to be ALWAYS on in order to get calls?

I'm confused Do I have to keep Bluetooth on at all times in order to get calls and texts on the watch? What happens if I'm not...

by joelnagy Last post 09:15 26/05/2016 331 8

Apple Watch band stuck?

I have a 42 mm Space Gray Apple Watch Sport For the past several months I've had/used only the black sport band but recently...

by edi Last post 08:33 26/05/2016 330 1

Digital touch comes back

When I send a digital touch to my spouse's applewatch it comes bac to me as well How do you stop that from happening?

by aussieseek Last post 05:09 26/05/2016 410 2

Why does my Apple Watch display my Photo's when I double tap it, to display my card to pay with?

I Double tap the button on my Apple Watch to pay for an item at the checkout and it keeps displaying my photo favorites not the...

by leo Last post 04:00 26/05/2016 491 8

My time lapse video shows night when it is day

Any ideas how to correct this? It is set to 24hr & local time as is my iphone 6

by momohamed Last post 03:57 26/05/2016 283 2

Using a FitBit for Health and Activity

I've reached my limit of tolerance for how badly broken the Watch is a fitness device Are there any other health and fitness...

by scuttership Last post 03:48 26/05/2016 331 1

apple watch always thinks I'm sitting

Why does my apple watch think I'm always sitting? I have a sit to stand desk and have been standing at it all day today (been...

by zoza6969 Last post 03:45 26/05/2016 582 3

38mm bracelet band is too small.

I received a space grey bracelet as a gift for my 38mm apple watch as it gets warmer the bracelet is too tight anyone know a...

by kn0cker Last post 21:36 25/05/2016 319 2

Customizing display for workout?

Hello: I have not found a way to customize my Apple Watch's display while running For example I want to see both pace and...

by pcarlow Last post 18:09 25/05/2016 355 1

Apple watch microphone

why does the microphone icon on my watch have a circle with a line through it?

by manny7600 Last post 18:06 25/05/2016 381 2

Apple watch notification red dot does not on at all

by amnon Last post 18:03 25/05/2016 303 2