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My iPhone 5S had to be restored and after that my Apple Watch was un-paired. Now I am not able to unlock my Apple watch. Please help advise.

Below is what happened:My iPhone 5S had to be restored After that when I tried to access my Apple Watch it said to unlock from...

by soldiuno Last post 06:45 25/05/2016 381 1

How do I unlock an Apple Watch without an iPhone?

I had to reset my iPhone 6 and now i can't unlock my Apple watch Any ideas?

by net4ward Last post 06:42 25/05/2016 551 10

What is the bluetooth range for the Watch?

I currently have a generic smart watch but I am looking at purchasing an Apple Watch My generic watch disconnects from my...

by topspin Last post 02:24 25/05/2016 348 3

Would Apple consider adding "Aerobics" (or Pure Barre - I know it is too specific) as a workout option?

I am tracking my Pure Barre classes in the Activity/Workout app as an "Other" Compared to other people who use different...

by johnsonrv Last post 21:24 24/05/2016 467 2

Workout App frozen & problems with tracking distance in miles

Workout app has frozen on me during my run twice already and now I can't get it to measure miles It's measuring in feet...

by alpha3m Last post 21:21 24/05/2016 498 9

Como puedo escuchar a Siri desde mi Apple Wach

Alguien me puede orientar no puedo escuchar a siri desde mi apple wach como puedo hacer que a escuche

by jambad Last post 21:18 24/05/2016 360 2

Workout app did not log a workout after status icon apparently froze on watch screen.

Started a workout ended it and saved it on my Apple Watch Went to watch screen and noticed the small green "workout in...

by geoffreyf67 Last post 18:36 24/05/2016 388 1

Apple Watch Workout App automatically stops

Hi this is a lengthy one I have an Apple Watch Sport and using the Workout App for outdoor cycles I have a problem where the...

by sharad Last post 18:33 24/05/2016 472 2

Clearing notifications on Watch doesn't clear on iPhone

Hello When I dismiss or clear notifications from the Apple Watch whether it is dismissing them individually or clearing them...

by damn Last post 12:57 24/05/2016 857 13

Weird activity data loss

I recently bought a 42 mm apple watch and it's been pretty good so far but I'm having a weird issue So lately any time I try to...

by billion Last post 11:18 24/05/2016 349 1

I accidentally touched voice over and now my watch seems to be stuck and I cannot get back into settings.

I accidentally touched voice over in settings for my Iwatch and now I cannot get it off I cannot seem to access anything...

by macdesign Last post 05:27 24/05/2016 320 1

Wrist detection and stand time

Hi! My girlfriend had to shut off the wrist detection to get the notification to work properly (due to a wrist tattoo) Now the...

by cshetler Last post 05:24 24/05/2016 304 2

Watch stopped working

Watch stopped working revived it by holding down the side button and the digital crown It now shows that its locked and does...

by nikao Last post 05:21 24/05/2016 473 1

watch security

I received the watch from a friend Not sure where or when they got watch I was wondering about any security issues It came in...

by oyvind Last post 02:57 24/05/2016 320 1

What is this icon at the top left corner?

What the heck is this icon I can't find it anywhere

by vermillien Last post 02:54 24/05/2016 351 2

how do u afford apple watch?

help i need tips thx

by advlab Last post 02:51 24/05/2016 357 1

ebay app says sing in on your phone

Hi when i try to use the eBay app on my apple watch only says sing in on your phone please help

by theburninghouse Last post 17:39 23/05/2016 383 2

Hermes face? Just band fuss? All fuss no face?

Why does everyone care about the Hermes band when as a watch aficionado I know that the face is just as important? (See my...

by dsr771 Last post 14:54 23/05/2016 389 4

Milanese band

I bought a Milanese band but my wrist is bigger and I need to add an extender How I can find an appropriate extendere?

by northernladuk Last post 13:06 23/05/2016 485 3

Apple Watch & Weight Watchers

My Apple Watch only syncs up with my Weight Watcher Activity for my Steps only It does not sync up if I do cycling or...

by nileshn Last post 13:03 23/05/2016 662 2