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Overcharging iPad mini

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- How long, how many hours normally should an ipad be charged from
Asked: 06:30 21/04/2016
tony84 06:30 21/04/2016
an iPad mini will not overcharge as long as you use genuine Apple Chargers

See here
infinitewisdom 06:30 21/04/2016
Using the iPad wall charger, the nominal charge time from 10 to 100 percent would be 5-6hours or so. It won't overcharge if left for more than 6 hours since there is a sensing system which will automatically limit the charging current to a trickle charge rate.

I like to recharge my Pad battery when it is between 20-30 percent, usually, and once in a while take it down to around 10 percent before charging.
realp_guy 06:30 21/04/2016
Lithium polymer batteries do not have the memory issues associated with old nickel cadmium batteries.

Charge it whenever you want or feel the need to, it will not affect the battery.

All modern day electronics have circuitry built in to prevent over charging. Charge it for as long as you want, it won't hurt the battery.

Here is Apple's official statement about the battery:
maria 06:30 21/04/2016
I got a problem...I have an ipad mini. I put in on charge around 1am and when I tried to remove it around 10.30 am I couldn't switch in onn. What the **** is wrong with ma ipad? Please help.
ussher 06:30 21/04/2016
Did you try a reset ? Press and hold both the home and power buttons until the Apple logo appears. Release both buttons. Wait until your iPad starts on it's own.
tonysdesigns 06:30 21/04/2016
Same here.

Ipad mini becomes totally unresponsive after a full charge. Will turn back on on its own after a couple of hours.

Tried everything. All basic to advanced manippulations as well as al restore modes. Experienced user here.

Even with the latest ios, still the same issue.

My only idea is that it might be a charging circuit issue.

Did you solve yours ?
rov 06:30 21/04/2016
That is inaccurate! As is a known issue that the iPad mini overheats.

Overcharging iPad mini

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