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Passcode issue after restart

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Hi, I've hit an issue where my ipad air battery went flat and I recharged the device and on power up it's asking for my passcode to be entered following the restart which I expected, but the entry screen is throwing up the qwerty keyboard (thats not normal) and the passcode entry box looks like its looking for far more characters than my actual passcode. My passcode is 4-digit numeric on this device and I haven't done anything recently to change it. Switching to the numeric entry keyboard and entering the correct 4-digits returns a passcode error. I've also tried entering the longer numeric passcode I have for my iphone 5s (some how wondering if the two devices have chosen to sync on passcode - I know they shouldnt), and as expected that fails too. Can't see anyone seeing the same issue via my internet searches - can anyone help please? I think I'm 2 iOs versions back on releases - a new one is flagging in the last couple of days, and I didnt upgrade to the prior one because it screwed up the skype app on my iphone so I didnt bother with the ipad upgrade.Thanks.
Asked: 16:03 10/04/2016
houseroy 16:03 10/04/2016
Try to restart the ipad again: Hold the sleep/ wake and home button until the Apple logo appears. Hopefully the proper passcode screen will come up. If not, follow the directions here: If you forgot the passcode for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, or your device is disabled - Apple Support

shipdrugs 16:03 10/04/2016
Unfortunately your suggestion didn't help, I'd previously tried that and tried it again to no avail. Ended up on a call with Apple support for 2hrs 3 mins to go through a full rebuild from scratch cycle (thankfully Apple placed the call back to me which is good service so I wasn't paying for the minutes). The lady from support was very good, the rebuild necessitated ipad connected to iTunes on lap top and a full download of software. Everything works now but the cause of what I experienced is still unknown and I'll be amazed if I'm the only one experiencing it. Thanks for getting back to me.
shipdrugs 16:03 10/04/2016
Ok, so now the exact same symptoms have occurred on an iPhone5s I only received last week from my new employer. Seems like a bug or a potential hack to me to get hold of passcodes. Apple need to say something, it can't just be me and two unrelated devices?
dfsweb 16:03 10/04/2016
Please be sure that screen doesn't say CREATE A PASSCODE on the top of it.

That screen (Create a Passcode) is part of the setup assistant and does not mean there is a passcode on your device already. If you tap on PASSCODE OPTIONS, you can select NONE.
shipdrugs 16:03 10/04/2016
It doesn't say that, I've taken a photo of the screen. This is the iPhone 5s. The iPad was doing exactly the same but without the 'emergency' call block being present. " >
dfsweb 16:03 10/04/2016
Did you employer install one? How about a corporate profile that requires a passcode?

Is it possible the device thinks you're trying to set up a finger print? That is the screen you would see if trying to set up a touch ID without a passcode.
shipdrugs 16:03 10/04/2016
I set the numeric passcode up with them and I know what it is. But the phone rejects that when I enter it on this screen using numeric keys. Just like the iPad was doing previously.

Passcode issue after restart

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