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passport or priv - which would you buy and why?

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I am trying to decide which one to get. I currently have an Android phone. In the past I had a bb and I would like to go back. I strongly prefer having a pkb. I use Android apps and would like to be able to continue using them on my next phone. I would like to hear what you like and don't like about each phone.
Asked: 15:03 06/07/2016
rapidgaming 15:03 06/07/2016
PRIV... because of it's app support.

Passport is a two year old phone running an OS that has at the best a very questionable future.... and it's app support is based on a "hack" that is dependant on both the developer's support and Google uncaring.

That's my WHY for both... but I can see where anyone that isn't really much of an app user might be very happy with the Passport now and in the future.
skitso 15:03 06/07/2016
    You want a PKBYou want a BlackBerryYou want Android Apps

Seems like the Priv is the obvious choice here.. Or the Rome but that won't be coming anytime soon.. So yeah Priv.
snowy 15:03 06/07/2016
Echoing what he said

You want a PKB

You want Apps

You want the Priv

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ibroker 15:03 06/07/2016
If the Priv and the Passport cost the same price (preferably below £400) I would take the Priv as it basically has a future running Android.

In my opinion, the Passport is the superior handset, but at this point, has been left in a noose, waiting to hang by BlackBerry.

Based on current pricing, I would still choose the Passport based on my preference for the BB10 OS.

My logical head says, going forward, the priv is the logical purchase choice.

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barry 15:03 06/07/2016
Priv. Sadly, there's no future for BB10 so no future for passport. Great device, great OS, *** CEO

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mysqlwebmaster 15:03 06/07/2016
Personally, I am a BB10 guy, so my recommendation would be the passport. I am currently using a Q10 after a short tour of the iOS/Droid/Windows Phone world and am pretty content with it.

As far as droid phones go, there are better options than the Priv. I would really weigh whether a physical keyboard is worth going to an otherwise inferior handset.

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dlh 15:03 06/07/2016
Apps are the difference maker in your decision. If you need apps not available on bb10 then go priv otherwise the Passport is awesome.

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shknoll 15:03 06/07/2016

RedBerry Passport / / Telus
flak 15:03 06/07/2016
None! Up yours BlackBerry,

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bobsc 15:03 06/07/2016

passport or priv - which would you buy and why?

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