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Phone does random chirps

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So I have a note 4. When I hit a app to start or I am scrolling through all of my app my phone does a random bird chirp. That's what it's sounds like to me. There are no notification in the bar or anything. I have looked in all settings and have been unistslled a number of apps thinking it might be them but nothing still there. Please help
Asked: 11:15 02/04/2016
ebizpro 11:15 02/04/2016
Welcome to MobiFAQ! Do you have the Yahoo Mail app installed? I've seen that cause notification tones without showing an icon in the status bar.
raven 11:15 02/04/2016
Could it be a Twitter notification?
darqshadow 11:15 02/04/2016
No I don't have a yahoo account and I removed twitter still does it

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darqshadow 11:15 02/04/2016
Anyone else have any ideas?

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ebizpro 11:15 02/04/2016
If you can't identify it as one of the preinstalled notification tones, then it might help if you record the tones and share it with us. The easiest way might be to take a video of it happening, then post it on YouTube and give us the link.

Phone does random chirps

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