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Photos-show up as video's - need to turn off "live" - ?

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Some photos show up twice - video and photo - others just as video when I import to pc window's 10.
Asked: 23:42 22/05/2016
touchdown 23:42 22/05/2016
From the Camera App click on the little circle icon near the top and turn Live Photos to off.
jdgo 23:42 22/05/2016
You are correct - you need to turn off "Live" to avoid this.

Click the concentric circle in the middle of the top row (just to the right of "HDR") to toggle the "Live" setting.

" >
rudi 23:42 22/05/2016
Thanks.........that was simple !
touchdown 23:42 22/05/2016
My pleasure....

Photos-show up as video's - need to turn off "live" - ?

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