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Please Help. Install android apps on windows phone. Problem fix Nokia Lumia 635

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Launching wconnect
Creating session...
Please enter the pin for the device to be paired and connected: h5a9G6
There was a problem booting the Windows Bridge for Android platform on the Windows device. (Error code = 14)
Please help me im getting this error. My windows phone is upto date to the latest windows 10 update. and i get this error ive factory reset my phone loads of times... and still get this error :'( (Windows phone Lumia 635 1GB ram) Windows 10 Mobile (10.0.14393.448) My PC is also running windows 10 latest update
Asked: 01:39 14/11/2016
awddesign 01:39 14/11/2016
Hi welcome to MobiFAQ.
You will not be able to install Android apps on a Windows 10 Mobile device. Microsoft cancelled Project Astoria a long time ago.
You'll need to use an Android device for Android apps.

Please Help. Install android apps on windows phone. Problem fix Nokia Lumia 635

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