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Priv - Will only charge low speed / non wall now

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This happened "all of a sudden."

A replacement is on the way - but it makes no sense. Why would the phone go from taking any type of charge to suddenly not taking high speed wall charge yet be all right with charge via computer or charging pad or car.

It actually seems to be working with no wall chargers - although I am not sure what speed they are.

The chargers and cords work in any combination with other devices needing charging, so the difference is definitely the phone.

Any thoughts?

A replacement is on the way, but I'd really prefer to not have to set up a new phone.

Thanks in advance.
Asked: 09:09 15/06/2016
advlab 09:09 15/06/2016
Your guess is as good as anyone else's. Not sure if it's possible the high-speed charging portion could have died on its own. Either way, you have a replacement coming and you should certainly make use of it. Sure, it sucks setting up another device at times but what sucks worse is having a device that is flaky and could choke on you at any point given it already has apparent issues.
doh 09:09 15/06/2016
Yes. You're right. This is my second replacement. First was also for a battery issue (would charge *only* on wireless pad). Apparently there are known battery issues with the initial build (builds?) and I had hoped that this would not happen again.
radsoft 09:09 15/06/2016
my problem only started with MM update, looks like im gonna have to get the device replaced
keith 09:09 15/06/2016
Blackberries are notoriously finicky with wall chargers. I have used non- BB branded chargers throughout the years with comparable specs to OEM that worked on everything but my BB devices. Had a 2A Samsung charger that wouldn't work with my Passport or Z10, fine with everything else I tried.

Priv - Will only charge low speed / non wall now

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