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Rating songs with watch no longer working

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I like loading new music onto my iPhone, and using siri voice control (via my Apple Watch) to rate the songs. Then I sync the ratings back to iTunes/etc. This week I discovered this no longer seems to work. I'll give the voice command to siri on my Watch, it verifies that it understands the command and it confirms that it gave the song the desired rating. But the rating on the song does not change. I have rebooted both watch and phone. Both iOS and WatchOS are fully up to date. If I do the rating with Siri on the Phone, it works, there seems to be a Siri issue with the watch.
Asked: 23:12 03/06/2016
jentom 23:12 03/06/2016

See if un pairing then re paring helps....

Instructions here> Unpair your Apple Watch and iPhone
kereta7 23:12 03/06/2016
That did not solve the problem. Worth a try, but the behavior is the same.
jentom 23:12 03/06/2016
Ok ..

Force restart your iPhone.

Press and hold both the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons for at least ten seconds, until you see the Apple logo.
kereta7 23:12 03/06/2016
That didn't do it either.

Siri from the watch still functions, I can still use it to add reminders, calendar events and such, so it isn't that Siri is totally broken. But sometime in the past week or so, rating songs stopped working even though the watch indicates that it understood and executed the voice command. Both iOS and WatchOS are fully up to date.

This is a drag because rating songs from the watch is one of my primary use-cases.

Rating songs with watch no longer working

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