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Received a virus email

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Dear all,

I was unfortunate to received an odd email that I stupidly opened on my iPhone to see it and then I opened to view the doc file attached. A friend has later told me that this is virus email.

I wonder if by viewing the file on my iPhone, does it equals to downloading it to my device? Before a friend has told me that it is a virus, at first I thought maybe I couldn't view the file properly on my iPhone so I went to check on my macbook air, I went to check my university email account to see that email and I tried to view it online, I did not download it to my computer.

I wonder how much I have risked, if there is a way to detect a virus on iPhone and mac?

I'm attaching the email that I received, which was later immediately deleted by the university IT department.

" >

Thank you for your help!
Asked: 20:54 05/04/2016
megrihost 20:54 05/04/2016
No, an email attachment cannot install anything on your phone.
beroses 20:54 05/04/2016
That's a huge relief, thank you!

So both my phone and mac should be ok?
megrihost 20:54 05/04/2016
The phone certainly. The MAC, I would think so, you stated it didn't download to the computer either. It is a macro based Word doc according to the file extension, which should not have infected the Mac with anything.
beroses 20:54 05/04/2016
Thanks a lot.
megrihost 20:54 05/04/2016
You're welcome

Received a virus email

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