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Removing waiting downloads from iTunes iPad app?

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This may be a stupid question, but if there are some podcast downloads waiting to resume downloading in my iTunes iPad application, how do I remove them without having to download them?
Asked: 02:27 18/03/2016
lionel 02:27 18/03/2016
Same question...
jonny 02:27 18/03/2016
I have the same question.Downloading podcast is a heavy user of resources and takes a long time. I have stopped the download, but cannot remove it.I want to remove the stopped podcast in the "Tap to resume download" stage.
lionel 02:27 18/03/2016
i reported a problem with my purchase to iTunes and explained and asked them to remove.problem sloved!
infoscripts 02:27 18/03/2016
Swipe from Right to left on “tap to resume download” box, and you will get delete button.
eyal 02:27 18/03/2016
Have you tried logging out of your iTunes store account on the iPad and then doing a full restart of the iPad? (go to Settings -> Store -> Sign Out, press the home button, now press and hold the Home and Sleep buttons simultaneously and don't release them when it brings up the Turn Off screen; keep holding them until the Apple logo appears).After restart , the waiting is gone. hope this will help.
brogett 02:27 18/03/2016
Alexaw63:Thank you for posting this fix, it worked exactly as you described!
rapaman 02:27 18/03/2016
Very nice fix. Your solution exaclty fixed the problem
shabbirbhimani 02:27 18/03/2016
Great, thanks very much. I wonder how i will remember all of this when i am grey and old (^_~)
alex101 02:27 18/03/2016
Thanks for your answer. It is quicker then logging out of iTunes and doing a full restart on my iPad. Thanks to the posters your questions and to Apple for making it so easy to find an answer. Most of all, thanks to all posters of correct answers.
jocs 02:27 18/03/2016
PERFECT! Thank you for the tip.

Removing waiting downloads from iTunes iPad app?

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