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Resetting the "always" option for video

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Now, before you all say reset the app permissions, I've done that twice.

I accidentally hit " always" after upgrading my Moto X Play to the latest version in Android (and had nothing but problems since). As such, I can only play video in the Video player, which I don't want even half the time.

I've already reset the app permissions (local on Gallery and globally via all apps), i didn't even make a difference. I'm stumped.

Asked: 06:24 18/04/2016
payoutwindow 06:24 18/04/2016
You mean you've reset Preferences and/or Defaults?

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jp6212 06:24 18/04/2016
If nothing works you could try downloading a third party video player from the Play Store. This should be enough to get the choice menu next time you play a video. Tell us how it goes.

Resetting the "always" option for video

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