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Restoring from iCloud back-up

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I had my phone stolen a couple of weeks ago and after a period of mourning I have come to accept that it is probably never coming back :-(.

Wherever my old phone is it is currently activation locked giving me some comfort that it is at least bricked. I never intend to remove it from my Find my iPhone account with the aim that it will always remain bricked.

Anyway, I am due to take delivery of a replacement later today and my first instinct would be to restore from my old Phone's back up.

My fear is that if I do this then Find my iPhone will think that my old phone has been located, associate it with my new handset and the link to my old handset will be forever broken.

Am I correct?

Thanks all.

Asked: 05:06 08/05/2016
fluke 05:06 08/05/2016

I thought an iCloud back-up was an image of everything associated with that device?

Is there anyone else out there who can expand before I restore?
coffeeguy 05:06 08/05/2016
Not true.

Read here:
fluke 05:06 08/05/2016
Many thanks for your help. Much appreciated.


Restoring from iCloud back-up

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