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Revolut, Number26 and Blackberry 10

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Does someone know how to run Number26 and Revolut banking apps on Blackberry 10?

Running the OS on a Z10 I wasn't successful in installing them with the great Play Service Patcher from Cobalt232.

Asked: 22:24 16/04/2016
robinev 22:24 16/04/2016
if you can't run them with Cobalt's fix then more than likely they don't work on a BlackBerry
manicgirl 22:24 16/04/2016
Banking apps are tricky.... usually they either work without having to patch them, or they don't.

Which you kinda want your Banking app to be pretty secure.
jimmy 22:24 16/04/2016
Thanks robinev and manicgirl!

To be more accurate both are actually very simple banking apps - so are their offers and there is no comparison with "traditional" banking apps. Revolut is merely a prepaid service.

I would like to know if some Blackberry 10 users have tried to install them and whether the troubles I have are depending on my Z10 STL100-2 or are shared on every Blackberry 10 device.

Revolut, Number26 and Blackberry 10

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