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Safari keeps crashing

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I Have an iPhone 6s and this morning when I click on safari the screen opens and when I try and type something in the search box it keeps logging me out of Safari. If I click on google it allows me to search the Internet. Any ideas on how to fix as this is very frustrating!!
Asked: 10:45 07/02/2016
denno 10:45 07/02/2016
Navigate to Settings / Safari Disable Search Engine SuggestionsDisable Safari SuggestionsDisable Quick Website SearchIf it does not help try to enable private browsing mode.Report bug to Apple:
kereta7 10:45 07/02/2016
thank you it's now working!!!
denno 10:45 07/02/2016
You are welcome.
dbrinks 10:45 07/02/2016
thank you for your help
denno 10:45 07/02/2016
You are welcome.
enarra 10:45 07/02/2016
OK, thanks for the workaround. But Safari should work without turning just about everything off, that makes it at least bearably comfortable, don't you think?
steve5jack 10:45 07/02/2016
Report the bug to Apple. All I did was turn off Safari Suggestions and it is working OK now, however Apple must fix this.
comval 10:45 07/02/2016
So weird! That just happened to me and seemingly 14 other people too in the space of a few minutes! What's going on?
mthomas 10:45 07/02/2016
I've the same issues on MacBook,iPad,iPhone. Seems like any attempt to contact search engine causes crashes in any version of Safari
thedude 10:45 07/02/2016
Thanks for that list.

Worked down from the top and tried the phone after each option and the Safari stayed stable after the second one "Clearing Safari Suggestions"

Safari keeps crashing

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