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Samsung J2 Software Update?

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Hi team, i just wanna ask about software update on samsung j2 5.1.1 lollipop, im new to android world, i first bought this phone last tues. . My concern is i connected my phone to my wifi, i forgot to turn off the auto software update check so my phone check if there is an update, and there is. i tried to turn off the wifi on my phone and the checking update stopped, then i turn off the auto-update on my phone, a min. or so i turned my wifi again, the update continues and i waited for it then an install page pop-out, as of now i didnt install it yet. I just wanna ask if canceling the checking of update (via turning the wifi of your phone to off) can affect the software file?
Asked: 20:18 31/12/2015
suzy 20:18 31/12/2015
No, it will be fine, you are safe to upgrade
suzy 20:18 31/12/2015
Ow, thanks Sir.

Samsung J2 Software Update?

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Samsung J2 Software Update

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