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Should I just factory restore my Samsung Galaxy note 2?

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About 3 days ago my phone suddenly started acting up. It wouldn't send sms it would just have the circle swirling without failing. I could send mms fine but I can't receive either of them on time they all come really late. If I read and replied to a message, it still says I have a new message not only in the notification bar on top but also on the messaging app. I can make and receive calls fine as well as go on the Internet on WiFi or data just fine. If I download anything from the play store it will stop at the last bit and the downloading sign will disappear and after about 20 - 30 minutes it will finish. I checked to see if maybe I needed to upgrade the software and it wouldn't let me click it but after about 10 minutes it suddenly popped up. I didn't need one, I downloaded clean master and that seemed to make it worse because it would constantly freeze and I had to take the battery out to restart it. I got rid of that app but now I don't know what to do, I want to avoid a factory restore because I don't want to lose everything but is that my only option?
Asked: 17:33 26/01/2016
dodger 17:33 26/01/2016
Tryclearing system cache. It can resolve a lot ofproblems

Should I just factory restore my Samsung Galaxy note 2?

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