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should i update my ipad mini to 9.3.2

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i am using ipad mini 16 gb wifi version 9.3.1

should i upgrade to 9.3.2

and same in iphone 4s 32gb

i am using garageband in ipad mini

but i could not install latest update of garageband

what should i do?
Asked: 18:21 07/06/2016
darkroom 18:21 07/06/2016

The Garage Band app requires 9.3 or later so yes, you can update to 9.3.2.

See: Compatibility here>

Update to 9.3.2 THEN try updating the Garage Band app.
admin 18:21 07/06/2016
don't do it man. I can't get any email right now because I updated. it just crashes and returns to the home page. I did every reset in the book. nothing helped.
jontelofot 18:21 07/06/2016
I would wait a while longer before updating to 9.3.2. My ipad air was bricked after the update (black screen). I was told by a tech at the Apple store that the problem was NOT their update, but why did my ipad work perfectly before the update and immediately upon completion of the update show only a black screen? The Apple store did give me a replacement even though my ipad was 1.5 years old and no longer under warranty.

should i update my ipad mini to 9.3.2

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