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SIM NOT VALID after ios 8 update

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I was running a perfectly fine Iphone 5 on a sim only contract with Telfort in NL.

I have the phone without issues since it came out, today I updated via iTunes to ios 8. It failed and asked me to do a restore.

Ok I thought as I backed up everything prior to update. The problem is now it has restored it just will not go past the activation stage and tells me the SIM IS NOT VALID

It also blames everything on my carrier and the iPhone is fine. This worked fine before so I guess I should not have updated.

Has anyone else had this issue? Any advice would be really helpful

Thanks in advance
Asked: 23:33 28/02/2016
epsilon 23:33 28/02/2016
Same or very similar issue here. Installed IOS 8. Phone has not been running well since then and crashed, eventually requiring a 'restore'. Now I can't go any further since apparently my SIM IS NOT VALID.

No issues beforehand. Contacted Apple via chat - didn't have a clue how to fix and suggested appointment at the store. No appointments for several days meaning no phone. Unacceptable.
fsolm1 23:33 28/02/2016
What did your phone carrier say about the Sim card no Valid. Apple has nothing to do with that.
sahar 23:33 28/02/2016
Hi Jack,

Can I ask where you are and where your phone is from?

I ask because I have a US phone I bought unlocked while I was at work yet I live in the Netherlands. I think it's because of this.

Apple chat could not help and even suggested I tried a different wifi port as that might be not working. Even though I'm using it to talk to them

So they told me to go to the service centre which of course is annoying. Roll on the NX
sahar 23:33 28/02/2016

I will ask them tomorrow as well, but 1 minute before updating (and the last 2 years) it worked perfectly. So I wondering how it could be anything to do with them
fsolm1 23:33 28/02/2016
Because Apple has nothing to do with Sim card.

Where are you located and who is your cell phone provider?
sahar 23:33 28/02/2016
Netherlands. With Telfort.
fsolm1 23:33 28/02/2016
iPhone: Wireless carrier support and features

I didn't see telfort as a support phone carrier.

Where did you purchase the iphone at?
sahar 23:33 28/02/2016
The iPhone is from Portland. I bought it from Apple unlocked while I was on business.

Apple chat say this would not make a difference. And Telfort falls under KPN so it is on the list
fsolm1 23:33 28/02/2016
Ok. There could be a carrier update that needs to be done.

I'm with AT&T and after I set up my phone it ask if I wanted to update my carrier settings.

Let us know tomorrow how it goes with telfort.
sahar 23:33 28/02/2016
I will do, thanks mate,

SIM NOT VALID after ios 8 update

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