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SIM not Valid

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I am in Bulgaria for six months. I have an iPhone 6S Plus purchased in the US from Amazon. My contract in the US is with Verizon and I have a Verizon sim card.

I have purchased two different sim cards from two of the three carriers in Bulgaria and neither one works. I get a message that says the sim in not valid and that the phone needs to be unlocked by my carrier. Not a hardware issue, etc.

I have talked to Verizon who state unequivocally that Verizon does not lock 6s phones - they show FCC policy etc, etc.Same info three different people.

Apple tier 2 tech says after checking my IMEI number that the current activation policy shows Locked to US only and that the "next" policy shows the same. He says that since current and next are the same, doing a factory reset will not change anything. I did the factory resent anyway with the old sim card and the new sim card. No change.

I have read many comments in other threads regarding this issue but have seen no resolution that I can apply.

Any specific suggestions on what I can try next would be appreciated.
Asked: 08:57 23/02/2016
johnv 08:57 23/02/2016
The fact that you purchased this phone from Amazon is probably the problem.

Did you buy a Verizon phone? If you want to use Verizon in the US, which is a CDMA carrier, then you need to buy a Verizon phone and if you do this in an Apple store or a Verizon store, then you purchase a Verizon phone and can use it on the CDMA network and yes, the GSM portion of the phone with the sim card slot is always unlocked, so that you can use it for travelling purposes.

If you purchased from Amazon, you could have purchased a GSM phone without knowing this and on entering a Verizon sim card, the phone will lock to the first sim card that you put in it, so it is a sim free phone and not unlocked as Verizon have said.

You need to either return the phone to Amazon and get a full refund and start again - so use the money and go directly to either an Apple store or a Verizon store and purchase the correct phone.

If Apple have told you that it is locked to Verizon in the US, then you need to contact Verizon and tell them this. Tell them that you have spoken to Apple and they have told you the phone is locked to their network and tell them where you purchased the phone and ask them to unlock it for you, unless of course, you have not purchased one of their phones, in which case, there may not be a lot that they can do.
megrihost 08:57 23/02/2016
I made a mistake. I did not buy the phone from Amazon (that was an iPad). I bought the phone originally from Verizon but I dropped it and cracked the screen. I took it to the Apple store and they could not fix it but sold me a replacement phone for $140 or so. This replacement phone is the one that is having this issue. Does the fact that it is a replacement phone that I got from Apple make any difference in the discussion?

monster 08:57 23/02/2016
Did you ask the Apple engineer to change the phone's Activation Policy as mentions in the posts here?
megrihost 08:57 23/02/2016
Thank you Malcolm. The link that you provided is exactly my situation. I have an email exchange going with a Tier 2 Apple tech. I emailed him all of the information regarding my phone and the link that you sent me. He is off today and tomorrow (his "weekend") so I won't hear back from him for a few days but I remain hopeful that he could possible help. Thanks again.
windsilver 08:57 23/02/2016
Thankk for the link Malcolm!
megrihost 08:57 23/02/2016

The Apple Tech read the post and immediately understood the situation. He got it fixed right away..Malcom's link was the exact scenario. Thanks to all who helped with this.

SIM not Valid

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