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SIM not valid

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I've seen similar questions to mine, but need just a little more clarification.

I have an iPhone 5c that was on the Sprint network. I have cancelled my service, and they say that my phone is unlocked.

I have ported my number to Cricket wireless, and they say that the port went through OK.

When I put the Cricket card in, I get the SIM not valid error message.

So, I want to follow the steps to restore my phone to see if that fixes the problem, but I'm a little unclear as to whether or not I should restore it with the original SIM card in the phone, or with no SIM card.

Hopefully that all makes sense, and I really hope the restore fixes the problem because I love my phone!
Asked: 06:03 28/12/2015
darksat 06:03 28/12/2015
It means your phone is not unlocked. You have to restore the phone using itunes on your computer and if it is truly unlocked it will say it is unlocked after the restore.
rflankers 06:03 28/12/2015
Thanks for your help. I was able to get the phone restored, but the issue isn't resolved. Sprint swears it is unlocked, so I guess I'm just out of luck.

SIM not valid

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