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Since my update of Win 10 I cannot get into the store to purchase anything!!!!!!! How to fix this.

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First of all I could not install new update....kept getting errors 0xc1900107, microsoft support handeled that with a 5 hour call to India, Next error was 0x80072EFD, which fixed for that period of time now, however, that has stopped working, and I am continually getting error 0x80072EFD. What to do to fix this error?
Asked: 20:06 07/12/2016
mjewel 20:06 07/12/2016
Hi think this OP has made several posts about this on the forum. At least 4. That's the problem with Aaq. Staff might want to check this out to see if this is the same issue being reported multiple times!
arnica 20:06 07/12/2016
After update window 10 my phone is not working . Store will be invisible. I can't calling.
alpinesprings 20:06 07/12/2016
Duplicate. Closed.
Please continue here: why can i not download any apps from the windows store.

Since my update of Win 10 I cannot get into the store to purchase anything!!!!!!! How to fix this.

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