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Some Concerns Regarding Workouts with the Apple Watch - Request for Feedback and Suggestions

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I am a fitness professional who recently switched from a Polar to the Apple Watch. I am thrilled to stop wearing that Polar chest strap, but even though I love my new watch, I wish for some improvement in the future. The workout categories are too vague. When setting up a "workout" on my Apple Watch, i.e. Step class, I have been selecting OTHER with the goal OPEN. Do others do that? What do others recommend? And I am trying to decide whether to use Active or Total calories when logging my activities into my Fitbit Dashboard. One more thing, I find it weird to be working very hard and look down to see my heart rate displayed as like 60, when I know it should be well over 130. I would love to hear from other fitness minded folks regarding my issues. Thank you.
Asked: 13:03 25/02/2016
accessibleseo 13:03 25/02/2016

When starting a workout, choose the activity type that best reflects the nature of your exercise activity. For any activity other than the named options, choose Other (such as for your Step class).

The activity types in the Workout app on Apple Watch help the watch to determine which sensors / data sources to use when tracking and estimating the results of your activity. For example:

- For Outdoor Run, the watch can use the heart rate sensor, built-in accelerometer and GPS data from the paired iPhone (if it is available during the run).

- For Indoor Run (on a treadmill), the watch will rely on the accelerometer to estimate distance and pace (as GPS data is not relevant).

- For indoor activities, the watch will rely mainly on heart rate readings to estimate calorie burn.

The Other category is therefore useful (from the watch's point of view) in advising that certain types of activity are not being undertaken.

When tracking a workout using Other, your watch will estimate active calories based on whichever is the higher of:

- The equivalent of a brisk walk (calories recorded on this basis will vary by person, depending on their personal information), or;

- Data recorded by the heart rate sensor.

When using Other, the Activity app will also credit the Exercise progress ring with one minute for each full minute of the workout.

If you would like Apple to consider adding additional activity types to the Workout app, you can suggest that here:

All submissions are read (although you should not expect to receive a reply).

More information:

Use the Workout app on your Apple Watch - Apple Support
accessibleseo 13:03 25/02/2016
Various factors can affect the performance of the heart rate sensor.

During workouts, for the best performance from the sensor, ensure that you wear your watch snugly on the top of your wrist.

Apple suggests that you consider tightening the band before starting a workout and loosening it again afterwards.

The heart rate sensor is likely to give better results for workouts that involve rhythmic (eg running) rather than irregular (eg tennis) movements. Other issues that can impact sensor performance include skin perfusion and wrist tattoos.

More information:

Your heart rate. What it means, and where on Apple Watch you’ll find it. - Apple Support
pupluvr918 13:03 25/02/2016
I am so glad I contacted you about the heart rate concern. I tightened my band one notch and it worked PERFECTLY!! Thank you so much!
accessibleseo 13:03 25/02/2016
Excellent news - you are most welcome!

Some Concerns Regarding Workouts with the Apple Watch - Request for Feedback and Suggestions

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