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split view on ipad mini 4

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I have an ipad mini 4, ios 9.3.2 beta, and the split view(the one that you can do 2 things at the same time) why isn't it working? how can i fix it?
Asked: 14:51 01/05/2016
jefft1976 14:51 01/05/2016
We cannot discuss Beta versions in the public forums.

You can discuss issues with Beta versions in the forums made available to you for as a Beta tester:
lewis 14:51 01/05/2016
If you signed up for the public beta, you won't have access to the invitee or developer beta forums. Your beta profile will have installed a feedback agent app which you may use for submitting questions and getting feedback. You agreed to a non-disclosure statement that you would lnot discuss beta releases in public forums, so the feedback agent is your provided mechanism for getting help and feedback.

split view on ipad mini 4

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