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Stolen ipad unlocked??

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HI, I don't want to know how to do it but is it possible to erase an iPad and start using it with a new itunes account etc despite it being passcode protected with find my iphone ensbled? We've looked high and low for my husband's iPad Air and I'm starting to think it may have been nicked. It was probably taken weeks ago so the battery is well and truely flat. Yesterday I put it in lost mode as we still hasn't found it.

Can you check the imei number to see if it's connected to a new account? Or is it time to forget about it and not let your babysitter bring a friend. In fact, just not use baby sitters full stop.
Asked: 14:54 05/06/2016
aspen 14:54 05/06/2016
The IMEI is only used when the device connects to the Internet thru the cellular network linked to the SIM in it and that can only be tracked by the carrier. Best you can hope for is that Activation Lock did indeed kick in and render the device useless to the miscreant except for selling it for parts or to some unsuspecting bloke.

Stolen ipad unlocked??

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