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Stripes are shown in the camera

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I am using iPhone 6 64G with iOS 9.3.2.

When I run the Camera application, I can see the several stripes like below." >

Does anyone can tell me why my iPhone is working like this?

I have done DFU without iCloud restore, but the issue happen again.

Best regards,

Asked: 10:54 09/06/2016
sdani 10:54 09/06/2016
Try backing it up with iCloud/iTunes and restoring it, if the stripes are sill there even after you've restored the device it must be an hardweare malfunction. Best thing you can do is bring it to an Apple store and let them take a look, it might be something not under your control, thus they'll replace it for free (if it's still under warranty).

Stripes are shown in the camera

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