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Sunlight readability on Lumia 950

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I am running the latest insider build on Lumia 950 (OS .36, firmware .02020). I am sure before the updates there have been an option to turn on sunlight readability enhacements. However, cannot find it anywhere in the settings, Extras including, anymore. Am I the only one missing the option or anyone else noticed the same problem?
Asked: 10:42 15/01/2016
dodgygeezer 10:42 15/01/2016
It is under Extras -> Color profile

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digitalgypsy 10:42 15/01/2016
I honestly don't see how folks cannot read things in direct sunlight with this. I've not really had any trouble, and I use it outside daily. Perfectly readable.

Sunlight readability on Lumia 950

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