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Text auto reply

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Is there an app that will auto reply to incoming text messages
Asked: 13:33 16/03/2016
angrylizard 13:33 16/03/2016
No, but that would be a nice feature. Let Apple know your thoughts...
iceblue 13:33 16/03/2016
I have been asking this question for ages. I have sent emails and letters (below) to Apple numerous times without even a simple response..............

As a stockholder in Apple and a large user of the Appleproducts, I have a suggestion and a question which in my opinion will capturean additional market share away from Blackberry, including my own.

By way of background, I am one of the business leaders ina group of approximately 600 people. Wehave deployed Blackberries as the device of choice. I have tried and returned the iPhone and iPadas I find that it does not serve my needs for the lack of one simple functionthat I would think has a very easy solution. I feel that if Apple could enhance itsportable operating systems by a simple function, it would sway hundreds ofthousands, if not millions of users to switch to Apple products.

I use my device as a communications device for bothbusiness and personal use. I am constantly emailing and texting and everykey touch is important to me as I do not have time to waste with repeatedkeystrokes.

The autotext function of the Blackberry has keptme with Blackberry as it allows the user to define abbreviations on a systemwide platform. Examples: Users can setup abbreviation for frequently used multiple key strokes.
  1. I frequently set up a lot of conference calls using thesame dial in number and passcodes so I set up an abbreviation called“icrl”. I type in icrl and hit the space bar and it automatically typesin the entire phone number and the access codes for the call.
  2. I fly a lot so I abbreviated “hstdn”. Thistranslates into “I have to shut down now, my flight is leaving. Will callyou when I land”.
  3. “CMCP” translates into “Please call me on my cell phone248-417-7900”.

Since this function is native to the operating system, itfunctions on all functions and apps and in any field, unlike add on apps thatrequire messages to be created using an app and cannot be used to answer anincoming message.

I would like to use the Apple products as I am attractedto their designs but this lack of functionality has rendered them fairlyuseless to me. Can you please explain tome the likelihood of including this in future enhancements and why this has notbeen included to date? I am trying tounderstand it and fail to see why unless it is an IP issue, but even that makesno sense as Microsoft has it included in its products as “autocorrect” and evenon the Mac platform.

The addition of this simple functionality would enable meto truly change the way I work and sell a lot more Apple products. If Apple could add this to its functionality,I think Apple would win over a good percentage of those users who will notmigrate because of this function.

Thank you for your time
sheila 13:33 16/03/2016
AT&T has an app called DriveMode you can use. It can start automatically when you are in motion. You can turn it on even if you aren't driving.

Text auto reply

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