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The Apple Watch won't charge

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I got myself an Apple Watch today and I am very happy but the problem I have is that when I try to charge it it does not work.

I place the charger, the Apple Watch says that the device in charging properly but in reality the power diminishes as if no charger was plugged in.

Does anyone has this problem or knows how to solve it ?

Asked: 17:30 11/02/2016
enarra 17:30 11/02/2016
I'm having the same issue. It shows it's charging but the power level keeps going down. At this rate it'll be dead by morning, how disappointing for day one. Other than that I love the watch.
i9seno 17:30 11/02/2016
Reboot the watch. I had to reboot it twice and now it's charging.
leveldisc 17:30 11/02/2016
I am having the same problem, I am currently on support chat to Apple to see if we can fix the problem.

So far we have done the following:

1. Turn off the watch (hold side button (while not on charge) and then swipe to power off like iPhone)

Then Reset the watch

1. Hold the Digital crown and the side button and the same time until you see the apple logo

Put on charger and see if it charges.

If this does not work do the following:

1. reboot iPhone

2. go to apple watch app

3. in the apple watch app got to> general> reset> erase all content and settings

4. wait for watch to erase and reboot to language screen

5. Set up the watch until you see the app bubbles

(a difference i noted at the point of first installation was, that the linking with my iPhone didn't work with the camera, i had to do it manually with bluetooth codes, not sure if this was the problem to begin with, however now with erasing and starting fresh, the linking has worked properly with the camera)

and my watch is now charging properly. You may not need to do all of these steps but its worth a try!
hasm 17:30 11/02/2016
I tried all of these solution but none of them worked
western 17:30 11/02/2016
Mine was doing this. Does your feel really warm while it says it charging? Mine did.

I don't know what I did other than re-position the charger button a couple of times but it did start charging.
johncr 17:30 11/02/2016
I had the same problem. The reset fixed it for me. Could my problem have had something to do with the fact that I didn't remove the plastic cover from the charging disc at first? Even after I removed the plastic, it still wouldn't charge. The reset fixed it.
hasm 17:30 11/02/2016
Hello, how did you reset the watch ?
tone2k11 17:30 11/02/2016
To Reset the watchHold the Digital crown and the side button and the same time until you see the apple logo
allworknoplay 17:30 11/02/2016
Have you tried plugging it into your computers USB port?
hasm 17:30 11/02/2016
Thanks. Still not charging.

The Apple Watch won't charge

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