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transfer text messages to Iphone from android

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How can I transfer text messages from my old Android phone to the Iphone?
Asked: 21:33 03/01/2016
doh 21:33 03/01/2016
You can transfer text messages to iPhone from Android by having the text messages saved to your SIM card. Most text messages are saved to the phone, which is why they normally don't transfer when you put your SIM card in another phone.

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twistermc 21:33 03/01/2016
hmmm let me help you out of your misery

there is this thing called Dr.Fone for Android

it recovers deleted SMS text messages, photos & videos, contacts, calendar data etc, it's all here.

I don't know if this is what you're looking for... but there you go. Have a look. I hope it helps!!
zgren 21:33 03/01/2016
You can't, and none of the above posts will help you in any way, shape or form.
fritz 21:33 03/01/2016
It is pretty much easy to copy data like music, video, photos between iPhone and Android but transferring operating system-dependent things like text messages/SMS, Contact List, Call Log can be a bit trickier. But there are programs available which allow you to transfer sms from Android to iPhone. More information visit:
cchandler 21:33 03/01/2016
Follow these steps:

1) Open sms. You can reach this from the messgaes shortcut in your app drawer or home screen, or via the contacts tab in your phone dialer.

2) Press the Menu button.

3) Select Import/Export.

4) Select Export from SIM.

5) Click Select All, or manually tick each contact you wish to copy to the phone.

6) You may be asked where to copy the contacts to; select the appropriate option.

It takes no more than a second or two to copy over a few hundred messages, so you'll be done in less than the time it takes to send yourself just one via SMS.
testike 21:33 03/01/2016
Hello I brought a new iPhone. I spent lot of time searching on how I can transfer my android text messages to my iPhone. I tried Backuptrans and Mobiletrans but the messages they can transfer is limited and need to pay alot for the full software. Anyone knows more solution that doesn't need to pay alot. Thanks in advanced.

iOS 7.0.4
dns 21:33 03/01/2016
There are many different ways to transfer iPhone contacts to Android.

All of them are useful, but I know what you really need is the one who is very simple to operate: Phone Transfer is a good choice. It is a paid software but it is worthwhile.

Below are the reasons why you need it:

1. The software supports multiple device, Android(Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Motorola...), iPhone/iPad/iPod, Nokia, Blackberry... you name it. Awesome, isn't it?

2. Different data types compatible: Data like contacts, photos, videos, messages, music, apps, call logs, and so on.

3. The step is simple to operate that you need only to download Phone Transfer on your PC, connect iPhone and Android to computer and choose the contacts you want.

What's more, in the free trial version you are allowed to see how it works before purchasing the software.
semtoday 21:33 03/01/2016
After searched via Google, I found this article shows how to copy messages from android to iphone in a real way. The messages will go into iPhone messaging app and merged with the current messages. This is moer better than just sending messages to iphone as a text file. Hope this can help.
ibuy_domains 21:33 03/01/2016
Moving Android to iPhone: Transfer SMS from Android to iPhone 6

transfer text messages to Iphone from android

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