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edit phone number in apple id

edit phone number in apple id

by o_obando Last post 11:27 18/01/2016 446 0

Iphone 5s bei Softwareaktualisierung hängen geblieben

Halloich habe ein Problem und zwar hat mein handy aufgehört meine simkarte zu lesen ich habe die SIM schon raus genommen und wieder rein getan

by ProudMom Last post 12:58 23/04/2016 393 0

MY iPhone6 wifi is greyed out, bluetooth also won't connect

My iPhones wifi button on the pulp menu is blacked/Greyed out The wifi menu will not open in settings and my bluetooth won't work either Ive called

by montrealsem Last post 10:09 05/01/2016 395 0

Wired sensor network

We are trying to develop a wired sensing network that will have up to 200 sensors attached to it spread over what could be 100 m There will be one

by Kendall Last post 07:40 19/12/2016 1836 0

Can iPad detect how much food weighs?

I Want to weigh my food after I've cooked it Is it possible for the iPad screen to act as a food scale since it can detect finger pressure? What app

by cherryis Last post 19:09 20/05/2016 350 0

can't reply to emails

I have a three year old htc one a few months ago i was no longer able to send to emails they come in but when trying to reply or send a new email i

by shanna Last post 23:43 26/02/2016 597 0

Text Message Forwarding?

When I travel I carry two unlocked iPhones with me so I can use a local SIM card for calling & data while still receiving my home texts and calls on

by successfactors Last post 15:27 15/02/2016 430 0

which phone should i buy, iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus?

Aloha could anyone advice which should I go for? an iPhone 6 or an iPhone 6 plus?

by hulk Last post 09:07 26/08/2015 413 0

Which is better, Samsung S6 edge or iPhone 6 plus?

Hi everyone What do you thing better a Samsung S6 edge or an iPhone 6 plus

by ironman Last post 08:57 26/08/2015 444 0

Is it possible to boost Bluetooth signal?

Is it? This would be handy to me

by ned Last post 12:12 29/01/2016 352 0

getting security notice SE for android has been disabled every after 5 minutes

using samsung grand prime

by marod0er Last post 06:27 17/12/2015 462 0

trying to download IOS 9.2.1

I am trying to install IOA 9 2 1 it shows downloaded but will not install getting error showing not enough space but have 10 GB of space left how do

by rlambor Last post 20:37 08/02/2016 516 0

missing notes!!!

Good afternoon iPhone updated to 9 2 1 2 3 weeks ago a week ago I enjoyed his notes which had a lot of important information today found that all the

by digitalje5u5 Last post 11:12 10/03/2016 312 0
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