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want to buy google play store account

s k y p e arora53mahiGoogle Play Store Account In bulk if any body need play store account with long time stability

by playstore Last post 09:48 03/02/2016 241 0

When i do system upgrade on my iPhone, does it mean I am losing storage space?

Hello does upgrading iOS system take away storage space in my iPhone?

by nickbrown Last post 08:11 27/08/2015 242 0

Updated iPad 2 to IOS 9.2.1 and now locked out by new passcode

I just updated my iPad 2 to IOS 9 2 1 and entered a passcode in the set up mode when prompted Now the device is not recognizing the passcode and I am

by greenmft06 Last post 12:51 21/03/2016 367 0

My iphone 6 is disabled.

My iphone 6 is disabled Is there any way I could get it back without losing my data? I know the passcode so is there anyway I could get it back to

by yonnermark Last post 12:09 24/12/2015 270 0

My Win Jr LTE is making calls by itself while in my pocket. How can I fix that?

Hi I've been having problems with my blu phone (Win Jr LTE) Everytime I leave it in my pocket it starts making calls to everyone in my phonebook I

by jimmyjstx Last post 11:39 28/07/2016 168 0

purshsed button is gone !

hi after I updated iTunes to 12 3 3 the purchased button from my account is gone help

by manores Last post 13:00 16/04/2016 234 0

iPhone Won't Activate

Ok so My Dad has had a Go Phone from AT&T On Christmas I bought him an unlocked iPhone 5s from Straight Talk (at Wal*Mart) Well I activated it as a

by abatie Last post 10:51 03/01/2016 357 0

Amplifier capacitors question

Why is that when I use electrolytic capacitors (the cylindrical ones) and measure the end with respect to ground there is some DC voltage appearing

by ClareHope Last post 09:01 13/12/2016 1060 0

Frequent Location Data

Is it possible to create your own frequent location frequent history data and insert it (code wise somehow) into your iphone so it shows up on your

by lionel Last post 08:45 13/02/2016 243 0

How can I access the clipboard on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2?

Whenever I want to copy multiple texts it's a real pain After copying a blurb appears "copied to clipboard" However when long pressing a text field

by Chriscrash625 Last post 02:04 24/02/2016 310 0

Does my iPhone SE need an "NFC SIM"?

I know my SE "works" with my old SIM but do I need an NFC SIM for full functionality/better security?(I have not yet used or tried to use any "NFC

by suzy Last post 13:42 27/04/2016 351 0

Is iphone 6splus waterproof?

IS iphone 6s plus water resistant ??

by wmglazer Last post 09:30 10/01/2016 231 0
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