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missing notes!!!

Good afternoon iPhone updated to 9 2 1 2 3 weeks ago a week ago I enjoyed his notes which had a lot of important information today found that all the

by digitalje5u5 Last post 11:12 10/03/2016 214 0

WiFi Assist - once phone switches to cellular, will it switch back to WiFi if the signal strengthens?

WiFi Assist once phone switches to cellular will it switch back to WiFi if the signal strengthens?

by xprs Last post 21:57 15/12/2015 252 0

I left my Iphone 6s plus Open for 5 hours is it bad?

So am playing it is 1 Am in the morning when I fell asleep The battery is 100% when I fell asleep I woke up at 6am and the phone is hot still open

by bobafind Last post 01:18 22/05/2016 247 0

Can I download a game with an acconunt and play with another one?

An app has been launched in some countries and my country isn't there My question is if I make a new acconunt in one of the country where it has been

by tommyg Last post 16:57 25/01/2016 279 0

Can I physically disable wifi and cellular

I am writing to see if it's possible to physically disable both wifi and cellular for a young man who wants a music player a calendar and limited app

by beaucash Last post 07:27 03/02/2016 236 0

Speed up iPhone 4S

Hi is there anyway that i can speed up an iPhone 4S?

by hulk Last post 07:32 27/08/2015 401 0

Imessages don't work on foreign sim

II'm overseas and installed a local sim iMessage doesn't work I think this is because my local plan has a pricy option to use the phone for foreign

by nazarite Last post 09:57 21/03/2016 364 0

Upgrading ios 8 to ios 9

i activated ( sim activation ) my iphone 5s with ios 8 in it Now I'm curious if i upgrade to ios9 does the installation requires sim activation

by mihaip Last post 20:27 23/12/2015 229 0

HTC Desire 626 screen wont turn on but, still works?

I had my phone set face down for about 20 minutes and when I cam back and tried to turn it on it only vibrated but I can still play music on it and

by KaleighR Last post 03:49 11/06/2016 879 0

iPhone 6s crashed and can't reboot it?

by noel Last post 03:20 27/09/2015 464 0

Imessage not activating for phone number

Imessage not activating for phone number Is this a software bug? Is there a way around it?

by diana Last post 04:39 15/04/2016 262 0

Two iphones

I have two iphones Sometimes I carry one and sometimes took another I can pair the watch with both apple without having to unpair above the other?

by snowy Last post 13:51 30/12/2015 230 0

need IE for windows 10

by yamuna Last post 18:42 27/11/2016 672 0

Can I transfer my paid apps to my Samsung tab a?

Is there any way possible that I can transfer my paid apps from My iPhone 4s to my new Samsung tab A? It would be great help if you could tell me

by spacen Last post 07:24 10/02/2016 250 0

How to interface with the Apple Watch for the purpose of accessing its internal memory?

Unlike other apple products which can be directly connected to a PC via USB the Apple Watch is completely wireless from the point it exits the

by Kendall Last post 07:18 21/04/2017 1032 0
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