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Can I install iOS 8.1.2 (12B440) on iPad Air 2 ?

We run a custom app on our organization and it works only with iOS 8 1 2 (12B440) If we purchase new iPads like the iPad Air 2 which comes with iOS 9

by ssl Last post 17:45 01/05/2016 331 0

Can we get an phone number without a carrier

I just got a phone off of amazon Whenever I turn on my phone it says not activated because I don't have a carrier I was wondering if there is someway

by trifi Last post 13:48 14/01/2016 375 0

Can you multitask the same app on both screens?

Hi Is it possible to split view the same application such as Photos on both my screens ? Would be useful to compare photos with each other instead of

by inet7 Last post 10:21 27/02/2016 287 0

how to disable an iPad

I have a situation at work where we suspect someone has deliberately disabled an iPad 2 3G We believe he has done this by entering an incorrect

by vivekar Last post 02:48 12/03/2016 326 0

Can someone please give me a summary of device rumors?

Whats the rumors now? Lumia 650? Releases date? Lumia 850? cancelled? Lumia Surface Phone? Release date? I have a 925 and want a new windows phone

by nuwanet Last post 18:42 16/12/2015 401 0

Samsung grand prime

by Joefuentes589 Last post 20:42 25/05/2016 605 0

is there anyway to disable passcode for lock screen but leave it for apps that use Touch ID

is it possible to disable passcode and touch id for lock screen but leave it for apps that use Touch ID?

by jefft1976 Last post 05:12 28/01/2016 369 0

My iphone 6 is disabled.

My iphone 6 is disabled Is there any way I could get it back without losing my data? I know the passcode so is there anyway I could get it back to

by yonnermark Last post 12:09 24/12/2015 371 0

My Win Jr LTE is making calls by itself while in my pocket. How can I fix that?

Hi I've been having problems with my blu phone (Win Jr LTE) Everytime I leave it in my pocket it starts making calls to everyone in my phonebook I

by jimmyjstx Last post 11:39 28/07/2016 297 0

want to buy google play store account

s k y p e arora53mahiGoogle Play Store Account In bulk if any body need play store account with long time stability

by playstore Last post 09:48 03/02/2016 337 0

When i do system upgrade on my iPhone, does it mean I am losing storage space?

Hello does upgrading iOS system take away storage space in my iPhone?

by nickbrown Last post 08:11 27/08/2015 348 0

Updated iPad 2 to IOS 9.2.1 and now locked out by new passcode

I just updated my iPad 2 to IOS 9 2 1 and entered a passcode in the set up mode when prompted Now the device is not recognizing the passcode and I am

by greenmft06 Last post 12:51 21/03/2016 527 0

purshsed button is gone !

hi after I updated iTunes to 12 3 3 the purchased button from my account is gone help

by manores Last post 13:00 16/04/2016 352 0
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