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Magnets and iphone6

HI there I recently purchased a magnetic car holder for my iPhone 6 it conudists of a small piece of metal which goes in the phone case which then

by lowrider14044 Last post 07:54 03/05/2016 185 0

Problems with iBooks Collection

Hi everybodySo I am having the following problem When syncing my iBooks from my Macbook to my iBooks on my iPad all the files (mostly PDF) import

by osmosis Last post 03:24 18/01/2016 294 0

It shows "Windows cannot find the program" though it is installed correctly.

For a particular program(Microsoft office/Driver Booster) it says "Windows cannot find Make sure you typed the name correctly and then try again "

by msaad Last post 01:03 03/03/2016 255 0

Earphone mic record noise more than voice

WHen i record memos via earphone it record noise more than voice even voice is just not audible also when i talk on phone via earphone the other

by john Last post 06:18 29/01/2016 222 0

Which is better, Samsung S6 edge or iPhone 6 plus?

Hi everyone What do you thing better a Samsung S6 edge or an iPhone 6 plus

by ironman Last post 08:57 26/08/2015 261 0

Why can't I download some apps from apps?

SORRY Can't download Some apps from Store SORRY I using lumia 720 wp 8 1 latest I just did a hard reset without no backup and installed all updates

by joeychgo Last post 22:21 13/03/2016 299 0

how do i log in?

Cant find the log in button on your site

by tiff_07 Last post 18:27 18/12/2015 254 0

universal link not open app when app is already installed in ios 9.

in ios 9 universal link not open app if app is already installed Please give me suggestion

by canopus Last post 14:41 26/05/2016 165 0

My Lumia 520 Died during downgrade to 8.1 from WP 10 Technical Preview

Hello I updated my Lumia 520 to Windows 10 mobile yesterday But due to continuous lag I decided to roll back to Wp8 1 using Windows phone recovery

by loopbiz Last post 21:48 25/12/2015 322 0

keyboard covering whatsapp text box

My Lumia 520 keyboard is covering whatsapp texing box

by maxwellchibwana Last post 01:14 05/10/2016 206 0

I lost my ipad and it is in airplane mode. Can I remotely get it out of airplane mode so I could locate it?

I lost my ipad and it is in airplane mode Can I remotely take it off airplane mode so I could locate it?

by adacomp Last post 00:57 07/02/2016 280 0

do I need sim card inserted to update

Do I need to have the SIM inserted in iphone to update?

by hansonyan Last post 06:18 04/04/2016 253 0

Text Message Forwarding?

When I travel I carry two unlocked iPhones with me so I can use a local SIM card for calling & data while still receiving my home texts and calls on

by successfactors Last post 15:27 15/02/2016 262 0
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