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Why my passport don't show about average battery life?

My passport don't show average battery life How can i do Thankyou

by mthomas Last post 21:12 06/03/2016 499 0

Using face time over wifi only between iPad to ipad

Can I use FaceTime on iPad in Mexico to connect with family at home in the USA using wifi only on both ipads

by helleborine Last post 02:42 28/04/2016 348 0

How i can remove app list backup from itunes?

I'm testing app when I connect the ipad (new ipad/ipad 3) has a list of every app that was already installed How can I remove the app from this list?

by dave487 Last post 18:51 08/01/2016 461 0

My Win Jr LTE is making calls by itself while in my pocket. How can I fix that?

Hi I've been having problems with my blu phone (Win Jr LTE) Everytime I leave it in my pocket it starts making calls to everyone in my phonebook I

by jimmyjstx Last post 11:39 28/07/2016 391 0

Mysterious green shape has appeared on camera iPhone 6 Plus

What I can best describe as a watermark has appeared after the 9 3 update It only shows then the phone glances the room light and then won't go

by ark Last post 10:39 08/04/2016 374 0

Upgrading ios 8 to ios 9

i activated ( sim activation ) my iphone 5s with ios 8 in it Now I'm curious if i upgrade to ios9 does the installation requires sim activation

by mihaip Last post 20:27 23/12/2015 334 0

PENCIL and determine battery charge status

How does one determine if and when the Apple PENCIL has completed its charging? How does one determine the battery status of the Apple PENCIL? Is

by 5speed Last post 22:09 19/05/2016 420 0

Problems with iBooks Collection

Hi everybodySo I am having the following problem When syncing my iBooks from my Macbook to my iBooks on my iPad all the files (mostly PDF) import

by osmosis Last post 03:24 18/01/2016 504 0

What Case will work with Priv?

by tree Last post 06:37 24/10/2015 455 0

I hate new app switcher is there a way to bring back legacy app switcher?

I hate new app switcher is there a way to bring back legacy app switcher?

by michelleroth Last post 19:15 03/01/2016 429 0

Amplifier capacitors question

Why is that when I use electrolytic capacitors (the cylindrical ones) and measure the end with respect to ground there is some DC voltage appearing

by ClareHope Last post 09:01 13/12/2016 2149 0

I have just lost my Samsung S6 edge, what can I do?

Hi could anyone help me please!!!I've have just lost my Samsung S6 edge is there anyway that i can find it by any software?

by maryjane Last post 08:43 26/08/2015 467 0

Earphone mic record noise more than voice

WHen i record memos via earphone it record noise more than voice even voice is just not audible also when i talk on phone via earphone the other

by john Last post 06:18 29/01/2016 409 0
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