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unlock code

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I am purchasing a Lumia 950 xl unlocked for my Wife to replace her aging Lumia 1520. We are both on a plan with our son. Service is provided by AT&T. Her phone is paid for and we have no plans to change carriers. My question is can we simply remove the sim from her 1520 to the new phone or do we need an unlock code from AT&T?
Asked: 04:51 24/07/2016
telnform 04:51 24/07/2016
If it was purchased unlocked (or even locked to ATT) just swapping the sim should be good enough.
catherine 04:51 24/07/2016
If I read this correctly you are worried that the SIM used in the locked to AT&T 1520 might not work in an unlocked device???

The lock is on the 1520, not the SIM. The SIM will work in any device capable of connecting to AT&T including a North American Unlocked 950 XL.

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mobiques 05:08 01/06/2017
Mostly it will work. If its not, then I suggest you can unlock your Nokia Lumia 1520 using permanent unlock services from

unlock code

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