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Unlocking disabled iPad without losing data!

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I am the genuine owner of this iPad and it is disabled because of some stupid kids, now I have to lose everything to be able to restore it and use it again, seriously Apple should do something about this big issue, at least make it unlock-able through the iCloud thing as I know my credentials details for my iPad obviously. People cannot handle losing valuable data and pictures, very bad Apple my thumbs down for you at this issue.
Asked: 12:39 12/04/2016
karated 12:39 12/04/2016
If you are referring to the device being disabled from too many attempts at the screen lock passcode, that has nothing at all to do with iCloud. Your screen passcode is a purely local device only passcode, so the single and only means of resetting it is to restore the device in iTunes. As long as you have an up to date backup in either iCloud or iTunes, you should not loose any data.

If if you do not have and do not keep up to date backups of your important data, than any data loss is purely a consequence of your own unwillingness to back up the material that matters to you.
alex 12:39 12/04/2016
what i knownis. there nothing impossible in this simple problem but Apple wants it to be impossible. it is like forcing u to lose ur data to be able to access the device again. which doesnt make any sense. if i can access the device after restore why cant i access it now with my data saved still???
karated 12:39 12/04/2016
A restore in iTunes is, and always has been, the only way to reset a forgotten screen lock passcode or a disabled iDevice.

It's really a very simple process - restore in iTunes to reset, then restore all your data from your backup. No problems at all, unless you chose not to keep backups in which case you were going to lose data at some point any way. And that's true with any smart phone, tablet, or computer. Without backups, eventually, at some point, you WILL lose data If you don't keep backups.

Nobody is forcing you to lose data. That aspect of your situation is entirely on you - it need not be so and Apple makes it trivially easy to backup to iCloud or over wifi to iTunes. You chose not to keep backups.

Unlocking disabled iPad without losing data!

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