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updated to IOS 9.3 and activation server is not responding

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Hi ,

i just updated to IOS 9.3 on both my iPhone and iPad.

Everything went fine on my iPhone, but the iPad cannot connect to the activation server.

Both are on the same apple ID.

Does someone have the same experience?

Grtz Gert
Asked: 13:30 04/04/2016
wolverine 13:30 04/04/2016
I haven't had the problem but have seen other reports of it. Give it some time. There are huge numbers of people doing updates today.
beroses 13:30 04/04/2016
The problem is fixed.

I just installed iTunes and let it connect to the faulty iPad.

iTunes recognized the iPad and asked me for the same apple ID.

And surprise, surprise, i could finish the activation on the iPad.

This problem seemed to be present in the beta versions.

That's we're i found the solution.

Grtz Gert
tungsten2k 13:30 04/04/2016
Hello - I am having the same problem on an iPad 2 as well. I cannot connect to the server. I tried to connect to iTunes but is says my iPad is locked and to contact Apple Support or take it to a Apple Store.

I loaded iOS 9.3 to our iPad Mini and there were no issues. Also no issues with iPods and iPhones.

Please advise if I need to take it in to an Apple Store. There are a few close by.

Thank you

myeclipse 13:30 04/04/2016

I have the same problem with my iPhone 5, and apparantly I can't download any iTunes on my sh***y computer.. Does anybody have any good ideas of what I can do? Should I just wait it out and try again tomorrow and see if my iPhone can log in there? Apple want me to CALL them from my PHONE which is not working so that's kinda dumb..

Best regards

nybanker 13:30 04/04/2016
I Had this problem all afternoon.

Apple support has been no help at all on this matter.

I Have figured out how to deal with it.

Unlink your device from iCloud "locate my iPhone "

activation on process should work.
xprs 13:30 04/04/2016
same experience as you, but the iTunes "fix" didn't work for me = same result
trieste 13:30 04/04/2016
You said you "just installed iTunes" I'm assuming considering you couldn't use your iPad you did this on another device. I naturally have iTunes on my iPhone (which is fine my problem is my ipad) so what do I do now?
jsiddons 13:30 04/04/2016
Using iTunes means you update by connecting your iPad to a computer then use iTunes on your computer. It's different then the iTunes on your iPhone or iPad.
trieste 13:30 04/04/2016
thanks. I've managed to do that and while it recognises my ipad and allows me to enter my user name and password i get a message that says it cant verify the ipad. Im no where near an apple store so I do hope there is a solution
jsiddons 13:30 04/04/2016
You're welcome. It appears you're way ahead of me, I just thought you were having trouble with the different meanings of iTunes. Can I recommend starting your own thread. List your the models of your iPad and computer and what generation of iTunes you have. Then list the steps you've already have taken. Some people can do this iTunes stuff in their sleep, unfortunately I'm not one of them.

updated to IOS 9.3 and activation server is not responding

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