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Upgrade to Andoid 6 Marshmallow and no mobile connectivity

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I have a difficult one for hard core troubleshooters and Android experts

Last weekend I let my Samsung Galaxy S6 upgrade to 6.0.1 and I have lost mobile connectivity (Proximus - Belgium)

The phone is operating in roaming (not in Belgium at the moment) and roaming is enabled. The phone was operating in roaming before for several months and in different countries, never a problem, And to complete the roaming picture, the phone was sitting in the same country for a week before the Marshmallow upgrade: mobile data was perfectly working. ONLY after the upgrade it stopped working.

Concerning all other phone functions: everything is working as usual, only mobile connectivity (any: 2G, 3G, 4G) is affected. I can make and receive phone calls, I have wifi connectivity, et cetera.

Now another peculiar symptom: if I leave the Network Mode in LTE/3G/2G (auto connect) the phone won't connect at all to mobile data.

Let me explain:

If I check the SIM (About Device>Status> SIM cart Status) it shows:

Mobile Network type HSUPA

Mobile network state: Connecting

Service State: In service

Roaming: Roaming

If I manually select the Network Mode to 2G everything looks good:

Mobile Network type EDGE

Mobile network state: Connected

Service State: In service

Roaming: Roaming

But even in this case I still have NO MOBILE DATA connectivity.

I performed a network reset, a factory reset; I reconfigured the APN, problem is still there.

I swapped my Proximus card with another: I have mobile connectivity in both devices!

In other words my Proximus card works in another phone (I have mobile data) while at the same time another SIM card works in my Galaxy S6 (I have mobile data)

A possible incompatibility with the latest baseband release and Proximus ? That would be hard to believe and easy to find on internet forums… but nothing.

I went to a Samsung specialized shop and the situation became even more puzzling.

We tried my Proximus SIM in another Samsung S6 (edge) with 6.0.1 : it did not work either. The same Proximus SIM however worked (there was mobile data) in an iPhone 5s

The only additional hypothesis we could formulate is that my SIM might be too old and incompatible with the latest (baseband) release?

The SIM is however not too old (from 2014).

Has anyone had the same problem? Alternative ideas?

Thank you!!!

Asked: 06:18 18/04/2016
foontoon 06:18 18/04/2016

I see many views and no reply... no guess?

In the meantime I received a new SIM from Proximus. The problem stayed the same. So I phased out also the possibility that the issue is related to an old SIM.

At the moment (I have just tried) I have:

My Proximus SIM card would not work (no mobile data) on my Galaxy S6 with the latest Marshmallow Samsung upgrade (it worked until the minute before the upgrade). I tried a local provider (I am in roaming) SIM card on the Galaxy S6 and I have mobile data.

My proximus SIM card would work on another phone (iPhone 4s)

And I am stuck.

The Samsung shop says it's not a problem with the phone since it worked with their SIM

My phone company (Proximus) sent me a brand new SIM which works in another phone, hence it's not their problem either.

What to do??????????????

Any help really appreciated.......

foontoon 06:18 18/04/2016
really? no one attempting an answer?

Disappointing.... I am sure there are plenty of smart people out there....

Upgrade to Andoid 6 Marshmallow and no mobile connectivity

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