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using iphone5 for camera only

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ive reset my old iphone5 so my son can use it as camera only - inserted another sim to activate phoneand got to apple ID screen.

if I put in my apple ID will it not put everything back on the phone for him to access? hes only allowed the camera function while on school trip

thanks for any help
Asked: 03:57 13/05/2016
dreamshop 03:57 13/05/2016
Hi there luchino,

It sounds like you're concerned as to whether or not your iCloud info will get downloaded to the phone if you sign into it. It really depends on which screen you are seeing. If you are seeing this screen, then that is iCloud Activation Lock, which is a security measure and will not download anything to the phone:

" >

From: Turn off Find My iPhone Activation Lock

If you are seeing this screen when setting it up, then yes that will download your iCloud account data:

" >

Get started with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Thank you for using Apple Support Communities, I hope your son has a great trip!
aandersen 03:57 13/05/2016
If you just want the camera used and nothing else - use guided access

Use Guided Access with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch - Apple

using iphone5 for camera only

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